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Saturday, June 28, 2008


after classes, when I got home I took a bath. I know it wasn`t good because you must not wet/ damp your feet with water after having your socks removed after you wear it for a long period of time. [sorry for the bad explanation.] you`ll get Varicose veins if you`ll do that. simple tip for Andi. ;) haha. I did that because my friends are coming. oh my lovers. ;;)

Darlene came first. :) she read Rainbow boys. actually, I let her head it. haha. and I turned it in the scene where ___ and ____ made _____. :O gay love. ((: haha. after a few minutes, Patsu came. :) woohoo. :D too bad Sam couldn`t/ didn`t come. :( my dearest sister, next time okay? :] then jamming jamming. laughed. HA-HA. then Dar and I introduced Twilight to Patsu. she borrowed it now. and she`ll read it. yehey! :) I hope she can read it. and she`ll give it back to me as soon as possible. ((: I`ll miss that book. :( wokay. ((: too dramatic? :O

we went to Starbucks afterwards. yehey! :) it was drizzling[umaambon] when we arrived to starbucks. it was cold there. srsly. so cold it makes me shiver. ;) ordered Caramel Frap, named it Andi. :D and Patsu ordered Choco cream chip Frap and the barista named it Andi too. ((: the 3 of us shared foods. that`s what friends are. :) searched for reading materials, saw magazines- Working mom, parenting and I got the Photography magazine. :) there was a part where a critique critiqued Canon EOS 400D. cool. @-) there were good photographs there- mostly wedding and people on their weddings. :) I saw some tips on editing pictures, etc. hmm. what else? alot of stuffs. ((: whut? HA-HA. kwentuhan, tawanan. ((: then we crossed the road. Patsu and I were holding Dar`s jacket tightly and telling her "Mama! Mommy! Ina!" ((: just like the kids who are like lost and crossing the street. =)) then we bought popcorn from the convenient store across Starbucks. we were like fools waving HI, HELLO to the "security mirror" I should say. hard to explain. the round one placed on corners. then we went home. rode the tricycle. :) haha. we were so noisy there. ((: when we arrived at my house, I popped the popcorn- cheese flavor and Corn flavor[but tastes like butter flavor- better actually.] while dar and Patsu played the organ. ((: Winter Sonata. woo hoo. :D Patsu was good. she scored 88 on playing winter Sonata. :D then we went upstairs to my room, turned off the lights and watched Drumline. :)

[edit:]Plot of Drumline
-an aspiring drummer enters college and he was so confident about himself playing in the marching band. he faced sacrifices and hardships. often times he was scolded by the upper-class man who were leading them and their principal as well. but still he continues to pursue his dream. because of his attitude too, he met the love of his life. ( can`t explain any further)

ate Popcorn while watching, when we got bored, I tured the speakers on, highest volume then jammed and sang. like a rock concert. we were so loud. and proud. ((: haha. feel na feel. :> after a while, Dar was fetched already. so Patsu and I was the only one left. we continued singing and rocking the house. fuuuun. :D haha. Glory of love! woohoo! ! ! @-)) then after 5 more songs, she went home. :( and I am here in front of the computer again, having some hang-over and is in a party mode. \m/

this is so long. ((:

*playing drums
is like
. . .
making L O V E.

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Yey! I`ve reached a thousand before I noticed it. ((: actually, more than now. haha. ((: celebrate! woot! :D

hey, visit my other blog click this! :D haha. I still got a hangover. guess why. ;)

huwoah. SamOng finished New Moon, the next book after Twilight in just 24 hours. how cool is that. :| jealousy takes over. rawr you Sam! ((: I haven`t even bought one yet. @-)

*You are my life now.
-Edward Cullen

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Oh happy daaaay.

H Y P E R! woaah. huwoaah. ((: this day was definitely an active one. I think the 300 delegates they`ve told us who were coming was not really real. I think the delegates were less than 300. hmm. from CHS, province of Batak; Tarlac; etc., HS ilang-ilang, Immaculate conception something. uh. sorry for the incomplete list of our visitors/ delegates.

yesterday, I thought there would be many people. a massive crowd. but what I thought was wrong. definitely wrong. but anyway, the celebration was still a success. yehey! we sang, we jumped, laughed, clapped, stomped our feet, and danced to the rhythm. ohyes. :D HAHA. hyper-active people. Watch OUT! :O I saw her. I saw them I saw us. whut? ((: hangover still. you know. . .

this was a busy but fun-filled day. :) yehey! @-) si bianca nag-uwi ng isang set ng banana. si Andy Bote kumain ng banana at apol ng sabay. si Bane super vegetarian. si Ivy nag-promote ng mga kinain niya. si darlene-- uh. si AJ naunang kumain. si alex at Wu Chun andaming kinain. at ako, kumain ng Chicharon. :-& ew.

*my H E A R T is ready. <3

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Friday, June 27, 2008

tired of living.

Who has classes tomorrow? :) raise your hands! :D *raises hand* meeee! :|

ugh. tomorrow`s Saturday. supposed to be a rest/go-out/be free day. BUT. we have classes. up to 3:30pm. too bad for us. :| but anyway, that`s life. I have- we have to deal with it. I think tomorrow`s gonna be a one big day.


Mother Hedrina "Josepha" Stenmanns is going to be beatified. she`s one of the co-foundress of our school. C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S Mo. Josepha! wooot! party! ((: yea. we`re gonna celebrate tomorrow. the whole school and those "sister schools/ affiliates" of ours. I expect that there would be so many people tomorrow. a massive crowd. *gasps* I MUST not be late. or else. :| there`s a fellowship tomorrow in our class. with Paraliturgy, presentation, etc. 12 delegates are gonna be there with our class. busy day ahead. Caution: alert! I hope I can survive. I know WE will. :) we`ll sing Shout for Joy! by Gary V. tomorrow. ((:

" Shout for joy
Sing His praises
Lift my voice unto the Lord
Shout for joy
Sing His praises
Lift my voice unto the Lord "

it was a very busy week. I`ll blog about it tomorrow. too long. HAHA. okay. I must sleep now. I still need to wake up early tomorrow. damn it. :|

*I want the spotlight. I love the spotlight.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It came on my way. my path.

yey! yey! yey! :d I won as Vice President of our class! :D my dream. my much awaited dream came true. :D haha. can`t explain the happiness that I am feeling when our adviser told me that I won. :D ohyes. ((: I love this feeling. awesome I should say. :D wuhoo! call me retard for being so mababaw but it`s really a different kind of joy. especially if you get and achieve something that you have longed for. xD I was so happy that my parents became proud of me. even if I don`t see it on their faces. but I know they`re still proud. haha. ((: I hope so. :D haha. it`s a call for a celebration! ((:

but I had a little sadness? I think when people who believe in me kept telling me "Dapat nag-President ka na lang." I wanted to. I badly wanted to. but. . . my grades. they`re not qualified. but at least I am so thankful that I have a position in our class. :) second to the president. haha. I`ll do my duties. surely. :) hmm. there was this issue during the election process. and it was about the president of the class winning by default. actually, our adviser said it was not actually a default. because there were nobody who ran for President aside from her. here`s a poll. haha. I answer it. :)

Trading Forex Free Poll

what do you think? :) share your opinions on my cbox if you want. ((: promotion. I know right. I won by 30 votes. and the other one ho ran won 15 votes. there was one who was absent. and another one who didn`t vote. haha. ((: okay. I know our class is so random.

teachers kinda scolded us about not giving food to our adviser during our class socialization and fellowship. :( it was sad. i`ll tell the story next time. :)

next attractions:
_what it is to be like a VP
_my tiny weeny room. ((:
_the socialization matters
_hmm. what else? :)

*To God be the glory.

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Monday, June 23, 2008


No classes today. wtf. I hate it. I wasn`t able to submit my form of candidacy as I have planned. rawr. It`s June 23. wow. let`s celebrate. so sarcastic damn it. the day was well. . . a bit great. classes tomorrow. and I have a pretty hectic schedule this week. hmm. I hope our adviser would still accept my form of candidacy. *cross-fingered* and tomorrow`s the election for class officers. I`m gonna cry if she won`t accept it. I certainly hope officers wouldn`t win by default. :(( I am really problimatic right now. can`t concentrate that much. :|

Frank, the storm hit our country. and many died and was harmed. :( I hate you storm Frank! >:| our President, Mrs. Arroyo was really mad because of the disaster that heappened. it only proved that Philippines is not that ready with coordinating at disasters. poor Filipinos. :| and people kept complainng to the government about the tragedy that happened to them. I hope things wouldn`t get any worse.

It`s so sunny in the afternoon today. it was cloudy during morning. and it didn`t even rain. see how unpredictable weather is? ((: I saw a cat outside my window- on top of the aircon. haha. it was so cute. :) I hoped there were classes. sayang lang sa mahal na tuiton. :|

I am reading a book entitled "Rainbow High". I am having fun while reading it. I almost laugh everytime. but it isn`t a funneh strory. I hope you know what I mean. if you`re smart enough, you`ll know it by its title. ;) haha. ((: I am wanting to buy New Moon, Eclipse, Rainbow High, Rainbow Road. can`t resist. I came back to my reading habits. and turned down my texting habits. :) good for me. HAHA. I need to save a lot of money. and I mean a LOT. rawr. it`s hard. :(

we don`t have a helper right now. so I have to do chores and stuff. >:| haha. and I need to bring the organ and the beatbox tom. at school. heavy things will come my way. :| see. I am stressed.

*Life would never be the same.

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Sunday, June 22, 2008


soon it will be 5pm. and I am not yet taking a bath. how unclean is that. haha. ((: unhygienic I should say. well. I am not yet in the mood to take a bath. I think the water would be very cold. :|

oh. anyway, here`s an album which consist of three class pictures only from our socialization last thursday. :) click to view. :D

View a collection of Digital Photos
View my Photo Gallery

Free Photo Albums by Bravenet.com

*No words can deny it.

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while they croak.

Wow. It`s raining so hard today. Signal no. 3 in NCR. :O I hope there would be classes tomorrow. :| rawr. I need to submit the needed form of candidacy. I need to run. I badly want to run as an officer. :| rawr. my sister and I are the only ones who are in our house right now. sshh. :3 our parents went out and the helper went to their province for the fiesta. :| non-stop computer today. haha. ((: in Iloilo, a province here in the Philippines, the whole place is flooded. water`s everywhere. some are in their roofs. they slept their. :( poor people. :( and my parents heard from the news that there were 40 people found dead because a ship sinked. :O let`s pray for them. and I also watched in the news that 5 people died because they were sailing on their boats. I think they`re fishermen. how tragic. :(

I saw a bull frog. omgosh. creepy. yucky. black and green. big. X-/I can hear the frogs and the rain in my background. so I just play some music and vids not to hear those stupid frogs. I hate `em. rawr.

*Life is too tragic
to be lived.

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Grabbed. 8D

Courtesy of Katiwe. :D

What do people assume when they first look at me?
-Angels Cry by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. [fair enough. ((:]

What will be a big challenge in life for me?
-Without You by Paolo Santos [W O W .]

Am I a good boyfriend/girlfriend?
-Flying Away by Moony

Do I have a Secret Admirer?
-Incomplete by Dru Hill.

Will I ever become manically depressed in my life?
-Love Hurts by Incubus

Is someone trying to kill me?
-Iris by New Found Glory [F A V E !]

What is my sexual preference?
-I Never had a dream come true by S Club 7 [Whuuut? ((:]

What am I afraid of?
-Lips of an Angel by Hinder [ HAHA.]

What I will be doing in a few years?
-I miss you like crazy by the Moffats

What is some good advice from me?
-Miss Invisible by Marie Digby

What should I do instead of this quiz?
-Better that we break by Maroon 5

Will you get married?
-Learning to fall by Boys like Girls ["I`m learning to fall, I can`t hardly breathe"]

What is the story of your life?
-Wonderwall by Oasis [ I love this song. ;;)]

How can you get ahead in life?
-Far away by Nickelback [:"> "I`ll keep dreaming you`ll be with me and we`ll never know"]

What is the best thing about your friends?
-Crazy little thing called love by McFly [ohyes. :">]

What song describes you?
-Always be my baby by David Cook [O_o]

How does the world see you?
--Everything by Michael Buble [yehey! :D]

Will you have a happy life?
--The world`s greatest by Rkelly ["I`m that star up in the sky"]

How can I make myself happy?
--Upside down by 6 cyclemind

What should you do with your life?
-If life is so short by Moffats ["if life is so short, why won`t you let my love you before our time has come"]

Will you ever have children?
--The sweet escape Gwen stefani feat. Akon [riiight. escape. :) sweet. :)]

*What a survey. :D

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I am a twilight addict. 8D

I already finished twilight. :D horray! omg. I am gonna buy new moon as soon as possible. :O and eclipse as well. :) breaking dawn`s still on August 2008. I will need to wait. I am so excited with Twilight the movie starring Robert Pattinson as Edward and Kirsten Stewart as Bella. :D haha. I am getting too much addicted to this. can`t wait till December. :) ugh. December`s still 6 months away. rawr. :| haha. anyway. I`ll try to wait. P A T I E N T L Y. I`ve seen a lot of pictureas and trailers from the set. which made me super kilig. ((: wokay. =)) I love twilight.♥ I am a late bloomer. ((: this was published last year and I am reading and loving it only now. :D at least I did love and read it. I can`t wait further. I am imagining Edward and Bella beneath those horizons. 8D

edward and bella iconAwwwbella and edward


*If I could dream at all,
it would be about you.
And I'm not ashamed of it.
- Edward

*Pictures form Photobucket. :D

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Friday, June 20, 2008

when you feel like crying.

I was in a bad mood yesterday evening. everything was not in there correct place. my responsibilities. my brain. my moods. my body. everything. I hate it. gahd. if only I can desert myself right now. I would do. I want to isolate myself. far away from humans. I think I am a total stranger to myself. damn it. my head aches. my body aches. my heart aches.

I wasn`t able to submit my form of candidacy to run for a position in our class. It was already due yesterday, Friday June 20 but I forgot to submit it. damn me. urgh. I hope our adviser would still accept the form on Monday. I really hope. I also hope that I would pass the screening last Wednesday because the results will be shown on Wednesday. Sam will pass. I had my try-outs for swimming club. but I wasn`t required to. last year members are already automatically passed if ever they would join the swimming club. I was so stupid. haha. at least I swam. exercise. see? I am getting dumb-er. :| rawr.

*only twilight
my day. ;;)

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Soon to be.

I am excited for saturday.

You know whyyy? :D

cause it will be my free time to edit everythning and do stuff and read twilight and watch gossip girl. hectic schedules even on weekends. :D I know right. haha. ((: I am liking the song Weak by JoJo now. haha. I don`t know why. I can relate maybe. haha. ((: ohyes. :D

okay. Saturday. :D see ya. :)

*But your love is so strong
It keeps holding on
-Weak by JoJo


I flew away by 9:27:00 PM


Busy times ahead.

Okay. busy times ahead. please go with caution.

I have just a little homeworks today. the others are for friday. so. I got a chance to blog. a very busy day today. and I was really so pressured. ohmygahd. it makes me weak. ((: okay. walang kamatayan na yan. anyway, I took a screening for a club I wanted in school. Technika Graphica. ohyes. I just hope I will pass it. but I have a bit chance of hope. ohyes. I know. stupid. but true. If I won`t pass, I`ll go to the swimming club. I`m loyal you know. and I got plenty of batchmates there. :) haha. friends too. :D if not, jive or maybe physique. taekwondo or football. I just really don`t know. I am too random. that is me. you can`t do anything about it. *tongue-out* haha. childish. i know right. there was Babs and Sam wit me. I think they will pass surely. :) I believe in myself too. I really do. :) I know I do. anyway, my "idol" was there while I was doing the screening. woah. I didn`t even felt/ saw her. haha. I am insensitive. I know. Sam just told me about it later on. haha. after the screening, I remained pressured. uneasy. randomly thinking what will happen. ohwell. I need to leave it all to the teacher. :D

why do people keep telling me to come back to her? bothering my conscience about breaking up with her. wtf. ((: well, they do have a point. I just wasted the opportunity of having a 1year term. just a month lacking from that "thing". haha. @-) I do regret. a bit. :) but nevermind. it`s done. over. I regret. yes. you heard it right. I regret it. but not much. just more.

tomorrow`s gonna be a busy day ahead. beware. haha. ohgahd. I can feel it. the pressure. tense. and stress. rawr.

*I am

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Monday, June 16, 2008

among the nosiest.

Today was a very busy school day. very tough one. mass in the morning, lessons started at around 9am. until 2.30pm in the afternoon. "out a little love in your heart."♥ :) haha. great song. :D socialization on thursday. tomorrow is our class officers orientation as well as the club orientation. :) yee. excited much? i don`t think so. :)

My friends keep pushing me towards this idol of mine today. I think she`s already suspicious. :| err. I mean they`re kidding around and telling me that I have a crush on that "idol" of mine. I just glare at them. ((: It`s the easiest way to do. :) I am a good kid now. actually, trying to be. :> haha. ((: I am a bit...nahihiya (can`t find the right term, insert word. [the word`s not shy]) about it. tsss. ((: haha. glare and stare. but it is rude... to point. :D

Loser with a capital L for long lost sisters. ((: kidding Sam. :) actually, it`s partially true. :D

It rained heavily at around 4pm here in the Philippines. imagine, we were dismissed 2:30pm but I arrived home at 5pm. ((: haha. right. we played in the rain. libot. kwentuhan. sang songs. ((: ohyes. we are the main reason why it rained heavily with flashes of lightning and thunderstorms. :D

I need to study. I failed. in subjects. I am not gifted. I am a late-bloomer. :|

Currently reading: Twilight. I`m planning to read the whole saga. I think I`ll become addicted to it. Chap. 5 already. :D I am really...into this book now. :D influenced. ;)

*Bring me Love.
`cause I miss it.

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father`s day out.

hey! Happy father`s day to all the special Fathers outta and in this world. :D greetings from Andi the self-proclaimed late bloomer. ((:

we celebrated the father`s day at bonifacio high street. :) saw many SHSians. :D ate at Outback restaurant. I had fun. :) more kwento next time. I am now reading twilight. ((:

*I want to live longer.

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Saturday, June 14, 2008

blogger again.

Okay. I`m here again. I`ve logged out a while ago. but here I am again. :)

I just realized that I must not waste my time here now. I might blog again next week. since I am trying to discipline myself. :) I`ll miss this. :| haha. ((: wokay. babaw. ((: I am not yet eating dinner. it`s almost 10:30pm. I am planning not to eat. :) haha. I want to enroll at fitness first too. :( since my mother enrolled already, I wanna go with her. :| but I think I can`t I`m still underage. Ohwell. manual diet and exercise. :) as I call it. :D I am getting fat. I think I weigh 90lbs. already. :| I hope not. :(( I`ll cry if I am weighing that much. :( haha. babaw ule. ((:

I am really unstable with what club/co-curricular activity will I join. I am considering the"technica graphica" club which is mostly about photography and technology as it says on its name. another is swimming club. because the moderator/teacher is Ms. Canivel and I loss weight because of the activities there. but I am a bit shy to join. because I am not that of a pro swimmer. haha. I am also considering football club. but not that much. because of the trainings and you`ll need to spend much money. it`s hard to choose. SamOng will be in Technica Graphica club. hmm. I don`t know where to join. I am wondering. I only have this weekend to think about it. I think. ((: hmm. help. :O

*I know you`ll always be there.
there`s a bit of hope.
there`s a bit of love.

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loud and clear

last Thursday, there was like a sort of storm here in the Philippines. loud thunderstorms uproar, lightning bolted. it was really creepy.

4pm, Philippine time. a loud thunder roared upon the sky with a great flash of lightning! it was really creepy. I felt like we were almost strike because it was like I saw the lightning bolt in front of me. ohyes. unluckily, a bird was killed. Patsu saw it. I think Sam saw it too. we ended up laughing about it. Patsu said it fell down the tree. poor birdie. :(

it flooded in the school last thirsday. rainfall. so many water. haha. navotas. ((: flooded pathwasy. manongs built a bridge. ((: our school`s not poor! >:| haha. it just happened. :|

we`re a private school. I am in a private school.

just happened to realize:
our tuition fee`s so high. super high. so the only way I can replace the hard work of my parents is by studying hard. making them proud. ohyes. I went to school for almost 12 years of my life. then I`ve realized it now. I mean I realized it by heart. not only by mind. :)

*I am a far dreamer.

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it`s break time

wow, 4 days/ one week of school`s over. 205? days more to go till summer break. that`s a bunch. first week of school wasn`t quite that busy. but there were quite a lot of homeworks given and projects and activities. but it was still fine going great.

I am the class secretary. jobs to do. "Andrea! Andrea! Andrea!" err. but it`s okay. a bit. ._. getting used to it. :) check class attendance. write daily homeworks, write everything. do blah blah. haha. okay. ((:

I feel like a loner. not much. I got so many friends in the classroom. hihi. Wu Chun fever, wowowee, hep hep, HORRAY! :D haha. I get along with everyone. I try to. :) I am changing. for real. ((: I shall study hard. I shat get awards. I shall be an officer. :) ohyeas. I know I am a dreamer. it isn`t bad. :)

Okay. I think next week would be a busier one. we`ll start the lesson proper in every subject already. actually we`ve already started. :) haha. I think I need a lot of study and hard work. perseverance. :D

I just remembered [a.k.a random thought]: Working Student! if you know what I mean. ;)

*blood shed and tears
music which no one hears
pain and regret
love then forget

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Officially a Sophomore. Yay! Party! Party! ((: "paburger ka naman dyan!" ((: wokay. @-)

erm. Mrs. Santos is my adviser. ohyes? today`s the second day of our school. :) but. I`ll just "narrate" the first day, first hours of my precious life as a sophomore student. read more! read more! :)

Okay. so. first day went fine. morning. everyone was so noisy. first "thing" I saw was the hambog na drummer from thee lower batch of ours when I walked by the screening gate. wow. high school na siya. long sleeves. :> haha. anyway, so I just "IGnored." her. >:)) walked. at first, I didn`t know where our classroom was. but I know where the 2nd year classrooms were placed in the building. [pardon, can`t find the exact word.] at thee podium, I saw S. my long lost s. ((: and aj. AJ`s my classmate. :) so she lead me to the classroom. beside the faculty room. WTF!? err. haha. but anyway. I saw my classmates. there was the popular. smart stuff. class-clown. quiet. SIBOListas. and the very random type of people you`ll ever find. :) I sat beside the SIBOListas. to be exact, beside Dar and Alex. :) after the MOR, wehad the "by class numbers" seating arrangement. so there was Andi, seating beside Ivy and Arlene, positioned at the end to the aisle. always seen by the teacher. ohno. I am the temporary secretary. I counted 5 no one srood. it was because it was a little bit "shaming" to let let the teacheer wait after 3 minutes and no one stands to volunteer. with all due respect. :) Chel was the temporary| permanent president/OIC. ((: duo! @-) haha. it was a bit hard to be a "secre"but `twas fun. I`ll be a temp. secre until June 24. :] teeheehee. :) dar and I talked about this thing- I mean the temporary secretary thing that I must be proud of. ohyes. ((: had lunch as well as recess with Alyssa, Dar, Ebe. :) haha. di gwapings. I just remembered. :D I must take a picture of them! a must need! :O haha. ((: I`ll keep their names as a secret first. ;) you know `em? tell me! :) okay. everything was fine. back to school. back to normal. erm. so I need to get up early everyday. blah blah. I must not be late. :O or else. :S our locker is so far from our classroom. almost 2 floors up. :| haha. ((: I was a bit sleepy in class yesterday. ohyes. good girl. :D and we met our teachers. new male teacher: Mr. Rios. :) I can compare him with Sir Flores. teehihi. :) ssshhh. :) okay. that`s all for now. days would pass. IKnowRight. :D

*let tomorrow come. do not wait.


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Sunday, June 8, 2008


I will be a sophomore and I shall be a student from the class of Sandigan. I kinda don`t like my class. not much though. haha. I have really random thoughts going through my mind right now. competitors. popular people. annoying ones. nerds. weird. addict. vain. preps. simple. friends. lovers. artist. just like me. these are the kinds of people who will be in my class. ohyea. sorry if I am that judgmental. can`t help but notice. there`s this feeling of cowardice and excitement. I dunno why. secretly, I was planning to run for officer. but I dunno if I`ll back out. err. I need to accelerate this school year. I need to. I want to. I hope.


here`s the second year sections for our batch. I am class no. 45. got them from Patricia Aspiras. one of my batchmates. :) *credits, thanks* Sam Ong`s in II- Pg-asa. :( I want her to be my classmate. :| err. >:|Patsu`s in Biyaya. :( Dar and Alex and AJ are my classmates! yehey! :D haha. ((: Lyssa`s in Banaag. :| haha. super random sections. ohyes. ((:

need to go. Ja ne! :D

*`twas a bitter-sweet chocolate.


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Recently abnormal

Mom and Dad has this tampuhan lately. :( they don`t talk or dare to make peace with one another. :( ugh. I hate it. :|

anyway, in 2 days I will be a sophomore. uh. erm. ugh. eh? haha. ((: I dunno what to think and feel :| I am still cramming to fix my things and label them. :| haha. I love cramming! :D sarcastically speaking though. :) it`s really hot now. okay. soooo random. ((: yea. the computer yesterday was worn out. ugh. so I can`t use it properly. it was infected by 8 viruses. and it scanned for almost more than an hour. so I needed to wait. but I just stopped it. :| why is the world so unusual. random. ohyes. I will use and have used the computer so rarely now. because there`s people who work here in our house and use these computers. rawr! :Z I am sweaty. my mom is always shouting at night. she gets angry at us before we sleep at night. err. here`s the schedule of the members of my family`s noise spotlight on a time basis: Dad-morning, Little Sister-afternoon, Mom-night. ohgahd. when would this house have a peaceful atmosphere? ((: kiddin. :D nah. I just observed it. haha. :D I `ll miss the late night sleeps. :( I need to sleep early tomorrow for school. I need to get ready. :) but I ain`t that ready yet. ((: okay. what a retard. :D I need more time. :O which I think is impossible. :| okay. bye bye for now. I need to fix and do some stuffs. :|

*Japan, your like the peak of the mountain.


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Friday, June 6, 2008


I got a haircut today. ohyes. the much awaited haircut. I kinda like it. it`s just the same. trendy? nah. haha. ((: I know i am -. biyatch. ((: okay. sneak peak. laame.

Okay. blah blah. don`t talk. ((: okay. labooo. hmm. anyway, we wwnt to greenhills today. ate lunch with father. :) yay! :D haha. grocery. omwtfudge! the bill was almost 6k. ((: okay. hambog ba? sorry na. :| haha. I had fun. I had blister. we went to timezone too. 538 points. :-j yea hay! @-) haha. i ate and cooked when I got back home. I ate Mrs fields! :D and my self-recipe omelet! I was tired. oh yes. haha. but still, I am here in front of the computer doing stuff. :| ((:

random thought: I want a jdorama/korean drama DVD! or anything`s interesting. :) or any "series" DVDs. :) pirated ones are highly accepted. ;;) Lend me. :D

"learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all.
and it`s easy to achieve."


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upside down settings

why is June 2008 so hot? :| these past few weeks here in the Philippines, we are experiencing a very hot climate. :O ugh. I am so irritated sometimes. :| but last April and May it was almost raining everyday. :| wtfudge? ohyea. climate change. :| err. I hate.


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Thursday, June 5, 2008

On the daily basis

Daily schedule:
12pm-wake up
1pm-watch tv, do anything,
6pm-turn on the computer and start networking
7pm-eat dinner
9pm-stop, go up, watch

okay. this is my daily schedule since the start of summer. it will change already in 5 days. summer`s ended but the real thing`s just beginning. June 10, 7am, I will officially be a sophomore. gosh. I dunno how hard it`d get. uh. no more late nights etc. but even when there are school days, I usually sleep at 12 am and get up at 6:30am. I know it`s unhealthy. I know it`s stressful. I know it`s bad. I know I am such a happy-go-lucky person. I know right? :) but. oh well. that`s me. ((: I`ll miss late nights and 3 hours networking marathon. :( I`ll miss the lazy summer days. :|

lately, I haven`t doing some works with photoshop. maybe. I got bored. too bored. nagsawa na. ((: and less computer and tv time already. but I got more late night sleeps. :) wonder what am I doing? I just watch dvd`s even though I watched them already. :) haha. need more DVD`s. lend me! :D I`m bored. but I am still surviving. :) for good.

I am just thinking how would I live after graduating High School. :) living in Japan or studying at the famous unversities at the Philippines. :) driving my own car, living alone. and all those weird dreams that I have. all the nonsense thoughts. :) I keep thinking about `em every night. ;) haha. ((: I know I am a weirdo. ;) ohwell. need to think about the present first before the future. :) till next time. ;)


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Futuristic madness

Okay. now i am a bit crazy. I know this is too soon. I know this is soon. oh. whatever.

I`m considering Japan to be my home country for the next few years. after I graduate High School. now, I`m trying to find a school there where in I can study. a school that offers scholarship or the "exchange student" thing. my mom said that it would be great if I go study there. my dad told me that their colleges for engineering are good there because of the transport stuff which he told me that I cannot understand. but still, I have this love to that country. Iam not saying that I love Japanese culture than the Filipinos. I just want a good future.

actually, my dad worked there. I mean in Japan. cool right? :) and I was a little kid back then. `bout 2 years old I think? :) first child. :) he left my mom and I to work there for just a few months. when he came back, he had brought home so many stuffs and toys and whatevers. but all I did was to ruin them. I removed the hair of thee dolls, smashed the toys and didn`t care at all. I know I`m violent. ((: and stupid. ;) haha.

I have this goal of following the footsteps of my dad. like what he said. "you`ll be the next Engr. Vicente". wow. it would be a great honor for me then. :D haha. oh well. :)

I have considered some schools where in I can enroll in. :) one is- Ritsumeikan University. :) they offer a Civil Engineering course. :) another one is Hokkaido University. :) they offer a scholarship and a Japanese language course where only foreign students are the only ones allowed to take the course. hmm. :)

these things sounds good. my mom told me to already send emails to the schools I want to apply in. heehee. :) in almost 3 years, Iwould be graduating in high school. in short, I need to learn how to stand on my own already. be more independent. I think I would need to enroll at Japanese language courses and learn their culture before 1092days[3 years]. :O total shock. haha. ((: nah. I know I can do it. I believe in what I can do. ;)

this sounds weird. but my mom asked me if I have interest in Japanese men. I said yes. ((:

okay. this thing`s over now. till next time. ;)


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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

thanks. :]

okay. so here`s the story about what happened last June 2, `08- Monday, my birthday. :)

My mom, sister and I ate at Cravings, Tomas Morato branch for lunch. that was before we bought the cake. my mom treated me a steak meal. :) and an "Eat all you can salad bar". :P I was really full then. my tummy hurt badly. :( it was like I`m gonna vomit or so. I think I ate too much. Iwas really sleepy so I slept in the car. and on the bed.

>>fast forward

Alyssa arrived first. the big giant. ((: haha. kwentuhan and stuff. :) after a few minutes, Darlene Yu came. :) she gained weight. oh so puffy cheeks. :P then we went to the room so that it would be colder because the air con was there. they looked at teh pictures. all the things that were posted on the walls of my room. haha. ((: [oh. and I shall tell the story of giving my room walls a little makeover. ;)] then after a few more minutes my long lost twin sister came, Samantha Ong. :) she brought her Gossip Girl season 1 DVD. yay! :D so we watched. :) then after a while, the doorbell ringed. we thought it was Best friend, Patricia Suzara. but nope. I was wrong. It was the Shakey`s pizza delivery man. :O haha. my mom got the pizza and stuff. and so I went back to my room. :) Sam saw teh pictures. :) haha. okay. so after 20 mins. I think. ((: Patricia Suzara arrived. :) haha. so my mom told us to eat already so that the food won`t get cold. but. everything was nit yet in order. so we went upstairs again. :) kwentuhan. watched gossip girl. then our helper knocked and told us that it`s eating time. :) yay! :D so we ate- pizza, pasta, chicken, mojos, drinks. :) sang Happy Birthday, Photo time, etc. :) then Sam and Patsu played the piano. and I do think they had fun. :) while Dar and I dance to the rhythm. the sexy dances stuff. ((: funny. ((: pwede na sa bar magtrabaho. :O :P Lyssa was emo. yes she was. :] then dar, lyssa and I just went upstairs. and Sam and Patsu followed. :) then we watched Gossip Girl again. but I think we were too bored. so we went for "what happened in Vegas" DVD. :) sshh. it`s pirated. ;) haha. Dar brought it. `twas funny. :) but we didn`t finish it. :( we went downstairs. Sam cannot fnd her slippers. I went upstairs to change. then Sam went upstairs. but it wasn`t there. we went down stairs then I found it. actually, Sam can`t remember that time where she put her slippers. ((: Alzheimer`s disease. ((: kidding. :P then lakad lakad. to the pool we go! yes. we were noisy. ((: Sam biked. we walked. then we went off. villagers walk. then Sam biked still. she was fast. so we hid. hihi. ((: we ran to the house while she was at the end of the road. she went back. we acted like nothing happened. ((: then we wnet out again. played Dodge Ball. :) haha. Sam and Andrea team up against Dar, Patsu and Lyssa team. :-j okay. We lost. actually. we were losers. @-) `twas a bit hard for us. ((: we had 3 rounds I think. then at the 3rd round, I think it became easier for us. :) we won that round. :-j haha. we were tired. water break. :) drank a lot. we were tired. but I wan`t that tired though. seriously. :) fun play. :)

>>fast forward

our second game was ice ice water. we thought hardly for that. :) we went out and played. my annoying sister said she wants to join. and the last two candidated for the "it" is Patsu and her. the "it" was her. but she said "time out muna ako. " so it was Patsu`s time to shine. the distance o the running area is about 25m I think. [self measurement.] Patsu got really tired. Itoo. because I ran from end to end. woo. ((: but it was fun. they proposed to stop teh game so we stopped. water break again. then Internet. :) Sam, the networking geek showed me some sites to join to. fanlisting, bravenet, etc. Patsu showed a picture of what we call a "hottie" :D then multiply. private stuff. ((: then we turned off the computer. water break again. then we played hide and seek. :) haha. Lyssa was the taya. ((: Sam and I hid at the maid`s bedroom. sshh. :) we can almost hear the voices of Lyssa. :) she found Patsu and Dar. but Sam and I remained quiet as possible. :) so she didn`t find us. at the 2nd round. we hid again there. but we were with Patsu then. :) so we can here the voice of Dar. she was found already. :O we heard Lyssa. omg. she found us- Patsu and I. but she didn`t notice Sam. teeheehee. ((: camouflage skills. :) then she was finding Sam. she found her. she was the first to arrive at the 'base'. haha. ((: so we stopped. water break and ate the blueberry cheesecake. :) yum! :D haha. `twas delicious. :) then we went upstairs to breath some cold air. aircon! :D but dar stayed at the piano downstairs. after a few moments, she went inside the room. grand entrance. :-j then we watched Gossip Girl. Patsu and Lyssa had kwentuhan sessions. :) then Sam said her parents was close to our house already. so she got ready. after a few minutes, Sam`s parents arrived. with Adi, her sister. :) Adi, thanks for the greeting. ;) haha. it was around past 9pm then. :) then 9:30pm, dar was picked up by her dad. :) past 10pm, Lyssa`s dad fetched her, together with Patsu. :) so they all went off. :) oh. man. this was really a happy day. and a long story. a long blog. ((: sorry. :P

>>fast forward

I slept past 12 am. early sleeping time for me. that was because I was really tired and sleepy. :|

hey! thanks for all of the people who greeted me on my birthday. and all people who was concered for the past 13th year of my life. I love You. >:D< hug!<3


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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

the feeling of laziness

okay. i`m so lazy to post a blog about what happened yesterday, my birthday- June 2. :| sorry. I`ll just post it with some pictures when I have time. :) promise. ((: it`s already 10:20pm here in the Philippines. wow. late. already. ((:

a promise. is a must.

*Public Access as Always*

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Monday, June 2, 2008

morning celebration.

Good morning sunshine! the earth says hello. :) -Willie wonka. :)

hey! happy birthday to me. ((: okay. self greeting=retardedness. :| haha. ((: we ate Jabilee for breakfast! yay! :) and it is very early and here I am blogging. early networking huh? ((: I think I ate too mush `cause my tummy hurts. bad. :| haha. thanks for those who greeted me awhile ago, 12am. :) thanks, guys. >:D< hmm. Chicken Joy! :D first thing we went to the church. my lil' sister and I with the driver to accompany us. :) prayed and went off. :) dapat magsstarbucks kami eh. :( anyway, we just ordered. bloatedness in the morning. :O my friends will come later, 3pm. :) excited muuuch. :D haha. celebrate! :) okay. I`ll just blog `bout what happened. :) hmm. :) 14 year of age. living young. :)

*Public Access as Always*

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