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Saturday, August 30, 2008

What`s my name again?

I love the works/ icons of Kurt Halsey. ♥ they`re simple yet extraordinary. :D haha.

haha. look for them :D I can`t open my deviantArt account in this computer that I am using. :( I`ll open it in the other computer later. :)
voluntary promotion: crossmouth@dA!
click the link. :D her animations are great. 8D support Filipinos. :> haha. click! click! tell me your opinions afterwards. :> the best yung "Ulan" and "Don`t touch my birdie". =))

I miss my mom. :| wala lang. =))
We ate at Starbucks a while ago and I bought Caramel Macchiato. 8D and they wrote "ANDY" on my drink. ((: so, what now? how do people spell my name? =)))))))) but it`s okay. no issues. I just remembered something. mmmmmmmmm. :>

When will be the airing of GG season 2 in the Philippines? :|

head hurts!

K.thanks, bye.

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Friday, August 29, 2008

GAAAH! Panics?

It`s Friday. the stress. the pressure. the high school demands. what must I say?

First thing. I slept 1am yesterday which means I only got to sleep 5 hours. the persuasive demands of high school work training us for college? I just don`t know.
I needed to study but nothing was coming into my brainless mind. gaah. and the test results? I did not answer almost 10 or 13 items at most. am I that stupid nowww? *(*7^8^5$%&)#@!%*~$^()(*64%7(*^%$#@(*^%$)&*$@#%&*
the teacher didn`t teach us. he gave us notes and do your own thing. he assigns "reporters" from the class to report the lessons - in this case, some of us are bored because of the way of teaching. then when we got our grades today in that subject matter, guess what? none of us failed. honestly speaking, I did not even pass any of his 5 [only] quizzes. I only passed the Long Test and the Quarterly test. wow. it`s really different when your teacher is male I guess. Because in our school, we only have three male teachers and all of them are in the High School Department. but *u** it. I don`t learn from the teacher, I learn things by myself in that subject. so what's the use of coming to his class? right. understand him. I will.

We got our cards now. I mean our First Quarterly grades. disappointing. a bit. on my part. because I expect more form myself. I need to pull up my grades now. I need to work harder. especially in MATH. :(( need to do the things I need to do before everything leaks.

talking of leaks, have you heard of Stephanie Meyer? the twilight, new moon, eclipse, breaking dawn, the host author? I pity her. :( go to her site, you`ll know why.
it really sucks to know the news. it struck me. I have nothing to await about Edward now.

I am considering myself to train for swimming. but I ain`t that good either. I don't want to join any competitions. I just want to train. need training as an exercise. but I think I will die while training swimming. I might get cramps or even drown. I know what to do. I am sure that I will be intimidated by other great swimmers in our school. I only know 3 strokes. and what else? stupid Andrea.

I am divided. I do not have my expertise at a thing. but I can do anything that the world commands me to. I guess?


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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


am a gay fetish. so what now? :| it doesn`t change anything out of me. I just understand those people. does different people. a series of books made me realize how to understand this uncertain world. gays and bisexuals and lesbians are vulnerable.

Rainbow Boys, Rainbow High and Rainbow Road. all written by Alex Sanchez. :D
Main Characters: Kyle, Jason and Nelson. :">
*try to read them even only the summary of the novel.

S. and I are trying to be normal. we need to take life`s normal lessons. we are not abnormal physically, but a little bit abnormal or maybe different mentally - socially? I dunno. we are taking these lessons seriously. we need to. :|

what else? OH! GASPARD and Pattinson! :">

I need to do some cramming right now. two more hell days before my get my pass to heaven. friday is the red CARD DAY. ohsh**.

I love you S. :D

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Tree Hill

I viewed "One Tree Hill Season 5" about 3 days I guess. I just tried to watch it; people say it`s nice so I watched it. influential people huh? :D

Jamie Scott. :"> Hotttt kid on the block. ;)
the Scotts. they`re amazingly hot.
but the CULLENS dazzle me more. :D
fond of Gaspard Ulliel? well, I am - just now. :">
*there was this Andy person in One Tree Hill. wala lang. =)) it`s spelled that way. mine is with an "i". :) he wore red sweatshirt. what do you think, dawg? :)

my sister called me a bitch yesterday. she says sh*t, bad words. ohwell, she`s learning. =))))) we got no classes again. it`s August 25. :) another month will be dead, nothing special happens. maybe one or two. but nothing so special, nothing superficial.

One Tree Hill -`twas okay. great story. I slept 5am just this morning because of that. I didn`t feel sleepy at all at that time. I just thought that my body needs rest, so I gave in. 5am is my latest sleeping hour as of now. I was not supposed to sleep at that time. I wanted to try not to sleep. experimental game you know. ;)

my father woke me up 12pm. I was still so sleepy. I only got 7hours/less of sleep everyday of my life. that`s why I didn`t grow any centimeter since my first year of High School. it sucks. arr. Dad told me why I didn`t feel sleepy this morning; it was because I am abnormal. I mean my sleeping activity or whatever you call it is abnormal. ohyes. `cause I am a vampire. =)))))

I gained 15lbs. since summer. =)))))))) I suck. I need to shed weight. oh those fats! get rid of those, give them to the Africans. kidding. :| but srsly, they have insufficient food there. DONATE! DONATE! :>

I need exercise. I need swimming. I need running. I need biking.
to top it all, I need a stupid W O R K O U T !
let`s do this before it`s too late. :|

*Where do I go form

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

what can i do?

I don`t know how to start this blog. I hope people wouldn`t mind if I`d write this blog in Filipino. it`s better that way. :)

- - - - - - - - - -

isang linggo nanaman ang nakalipas. matatapos nanaman ang Agosto. Ano na bang nangyari sa buhay ng batang ito? wala na nga siguro masyadong nangyayaring kaayaaya o kaya`y nakakatunaw o kaya kung ano man sa araw araw. simpleng araw-araw na buhay lang meron ako. gigising, maliligo, kakain, papasok, mag-aaral, kakain, mag-aaral, tulog pahinga. tapos ang araw. ganon naman lagi siguro eh. maghihintay na lang ako. malayo pa. marami pa sanang oras. sana.

gusto ko umalis. oo, gala akong bata. pero sa ibang konsepto ng pag-alis. yun bang matarik kalyeng pagdadaanan mo [basahin sa gitna ng mga linya.]. anung klaseng pagsasalin sa wikang Filipino iyon? nakakatawa. balik sa istorya. gusto ko umalis. "escape" ika nga sabi sa ingles. katulad na lang ng sinabi ni Mei - isang blogger din katulad ko. ang mundong ito ay napakakipot na. masikip. pati ang mga utak ng mga tao ay kumikitid. di malaman kung anong gagawin. ano nga bang gagawin?

sige, tuloy ang buhay. lakad lang. takbo. tumakbo ng walang iniisip, di malaman kung sang direksyon tatakbo. tumakas. tumakas sa nakakagambalang sigaw sa`yo ng mundo. sumigaw. sumigaw hanggang mapunit ang iyong katawan, mabasag ang lahat at mabingi ang mga nilalang. tumigil. tumigil kahit sandali, nakakapagod na rin.

siguro nga eh malabo ako ngayon. eto nanaman ako sa mga "random" kong iniisip. ewan ko ba kung ba`t ang laki ng problema ko sa mundo. epal.

- - - - - - - - -

bigayan na ng pinal na grado sa biyernes ata. unang markahan pa lang naman eh. tatlong markahan pa. kaso, di ako pwede bumagsak. ang pangit naman kung may "line of seven" ako sa aking "card". ang pangit. oo na, mataas ang tingin ko sa sarili ko. ngunit, kailangan ko iyon gawin para na rin magkaroon ako ng tiwala sa aking sarili. kailangan ko rin maging "competitive". di sa masamang paraan. pero gusto ko maging ganon para maitatak sa isip ko na kailangan ko umangat. umangat sa iba.

may problema ako sa utak ko. "short-term memory" ako. yun bang mabilis makalimot. nakakatawa. kailangan ko na ata hasain ang isip ko. malapit na kasi ako magkulehiyo. sa taong 2011, papasok na rin ako sa isang unibersidad. malapit na iyon diba?

- - - - - - - - -

mas sanay ako sa Filipino. ewan ko kung bakit. pero sanay din ako sa Ingles. pero mas malalim ako magsulat pag Filipino. kailangan ko ata mabalanse ito.

sa susunod ulit, paalam.

*isang malaking

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The saga.

I finished Breaking Dawn last Wednesday. So what, now?

`twas okay. okay. okay. not bad, bust a bit stupid. whut? Breaking Dawn is a good book. Eclipse is a better book than BD. Twilight is the BEST book. New Moon is the worsssst book among the four of them.


Renesmee Carlie S. Cullen. shame on her, many people don`t like her. the err- so stupid name. what kind of name is Renesmee? what the hell was Stephnie Meyer thinking? too creative.

Bella and Edward. too intimate. too passionate. your child ruined your relationship. arrrr. so far away.

Jacob. let`s call him J! I kinda understood him now. I don`t hate him much unlike before. he loves Renesmee. maybe you think of Nessie as Bella? HMM. :"> good guy. good dawgehh. :D

Cullens. I love your family. >:D< In breaking dawn, why did Alice have minor parts? or are my thoughts wrong about it? poor Alice. :(

Emmett and Rose. wow, intimate. :"> three houses? =)))))

J. and S. pack's. heyall. too bad they seprated. for good?

Other Vampires. I want to be one of you. I guess?

Not so Random:
breaking dawn failed the readers? tell me, did they fail the readers?


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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Frances Ivy Imperial Sison



Frances I V Y Imperial Sison. :)

I love you. :-*

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last week`s been a stressful week. test results, outreach Florante at Laura, etc. school projects are now coming. so I`m preparing myself again. conditioning my system just like a robot.

i`m going Psycho. weird feeling. I`m going overboard. I need a Psychologist. not a Psychiatrist okay? I don`t need a mental hospital or what we call "the white house". I just need a stupid shrink. I don`t want any of our guidance counselors. I know what they`re going to say. I think I need independence. though I have it now. I need time to be alone. to be in my world. I don`t have anyone to run to, you know. there are those what we call as friends, family and loved ones but they`re not enough. this is a hard to explain feeling.

ask the world what you`re going to do and it`ll answer a crap to you. it`ll throw a shit on your face and dump a waste till you`ll taste it. a long road never been conquered, a different world yet to be empowered.

riiiight. BOO!

still reading Breaking Dawn. okay, random. anyway, I am about to finish it. maybe later. I can do it. BD seems nice. the Renesmee thing is ...um okay? i guess. Renesmee Carlie Swan Cullen. WTF? what kind of name is that? =)))))

"Here we are, in the best years of our lives. With no way of knowing, when the whee'll stop spinning cause we don't know where we're going...
and here we are, on the best day of our lives. And it's a go, lets make it last, so cheers you all to that, 'cause this moment's never comin' back."
-Moment of Truth, FM static

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

With her

I am with Sam now. asa kabilang kompyuter sa bahay namin. waiting for my dad to drop us at Tasha`s crib. we`re going to a parteh. \:D/ haha. =)))

B A N E.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

And so again. I kept on repeating.

Again, I was a failure. ugh. We already got our exams and wow. I did passed. I just had one failed test. arrr. it was health. a minor subject; but still. I didn`t do good because I am dumb. stupid as you can call me. I passed all the other exams. some are line of seven and others were line of eight. disappointed, yes because I didn`t have a line of nine. but still it was okay because I reached my standards.

Biology - I passed this thing. this was my highest I guess? I mean my score inbiology was the highest grade I got. it passed my standards. eighty five and above. great. just great. in fact, this is a two units subject so, great. :DDD

Filipino - why am I so stupid here? almost everybody in our class is failing in this subject. ughhh. I don`t want a line of seven in our card. ohpleasetakethiscrapout. I passed the quarterly test but I didn`t pass the average of my quizzes. great.

Music - Ihatethissubject. this is not the ordinary music class where in you`ll play instruments, etc. in our class, you`ll learn the crappy circle of fifths, triads, diminished, augmented. eckkk. Ihatetheteacheraswell.

Math - . . . wants to be an Engineer since birth. failing dreams T_T

English - our teacher is a guidance counselor. wtf. a shrink. :D yes, she is. everyone in our class is almost sleepy during this time of the day. pleaseprovidematress,pillows,blanketsmode. I got high here. even if I didn`t study. ((:

History - our teacher is a guy. [we only got 3 male teachers in High School.] great. so a while ago, my classmate was sleeping. and take note, the teacher was just beside her. they don`t mind each other. thedoyourownthingclass. :) I got high in our QT. high for me and for others because almost more than half of our class failed in this subject. good thing I attended the tutorial another History teacher gave. :DDD

done. done done.

I already got Breaking Dawn. \:D/ almost all of the people criticized the book as a FAILURE. let`s wait and see until I finish. still in book two. =)))))


*Andrea`s special like that. :D

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Saturday, August 9, 2008

okay. let`s create many as we can. :D

I am blogging again. haha. um. I wrote something unexpected during our music class before. maybe last week I guess? hmm. I am not EMO to start of. ;) I wanto to make a novel before I die. ;) maybe? haha. try to understand that I am so random. 8D "I write the songs that make the whole world sing; I write the songs of love and special things. I simply write."

"WTF. Shit. I am getting so damned. there`s nothing going inside my head. I am aiming aimlessly. I am wanting something that I can`t even acquire. I don`t understand who, what, where in the world I am now. I don`t mean to see the things others see. I`m different I want to be different. but something`s making me indifferent. whut? I can`t even understand myself now. *sigh*

Music class now. Noise. Clapping. My ears. I want to be deaf even for a moment. Not to hear anything. The things the world is saying, telling me. . .

I failed in Math. I think I got zero. damn it. Damn. Damn. Damn. How can I be an Engineer as my Lola would say 'You can`t be an Engineer if your dumb in math' right. dreams fades away slowly. and again I was a failure. I am a failure. a failure. a failure. I failed as always. as I have just said, I am a BIG failure.

Why can`t I see what they could see? Why couldn`t I feel what they feel? Why couldn`t I hear what they hear? I am so numb. I try no be numb.

I cry. I laugh. I pout. I love. I give. I seek. I crave. I am too proud of myself. I am proud because I know I am great. But I am not. so simple. I am not your very perfect type of person. `cause no one is perfect. no HUMAN I should say. so simple, yet I am making everything so complicated. yes. my very complicated life. I am crazy. I am dumb. I certify that. I am a Dorky.

I have nothing on my mind.I want to. I have to. I can`t. I want to change but it seems like nothing`s changing. I want to isolate myself. isolation I think would be the key to my new world.

Leave. Harm me Kill me. IDoNotCare. I am nearly killed by death itself. I want to I have to but I can`t.

'Rise up,Andrea. It`s not the end of the world. You still have to wait for it.' It`s what my thoughts say."

*Beyond the spectrum of aspirations and dreams
I am there.

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it`s over and done.

our first quarterly examinations are over. :D yey! haha. but still, I feel so stressed. mom said I look so haggard. eckkkk. :| so I need some time for myself. get it? it`s been days since I really got into the pc and net surfing. :) so now, I got the time. some time maybe. :| arr.

random: we had classes today. but we were dismissed @ 9am. :DDD and I went home 11am. =))) my dad fetched my sister and I then went to the grocery. :) yehey. we bought foods. fatty one. 8D chocolate haven. @-) *drools*

my cousins went to our house today. actually, I was about to go to TriNoma with S. but my father let me chose bet. bonifacio high street or TriNoma. arr. I hate it when he lets me choose a hard choice. :| whut? :)))) anyway, `bout my cousins- they arrived around 3.30pm maybe? and went home 6.45. :) they swam, we ate. :) I need exercise. I say. [/edit3]

one sweet day. :) I know something`s wrong, but we`re making it right. we`re bringing it back all over again. all over again. must stop this from happening. :|


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Monday, August 4, 2008

I must not.

tomorrow`s our test in math/Algebra. I must not fail. my average in our quizzes are so low it didn`t even pass my standards. I have this classmate, also my "name mate" [cause we both have same names 'Andrea'], she is damn so smart. her average in her quizzes was 94 I think then she is still a bit sad about it because it didn`t pass her standards which is 97. :O great. now I really need to study hard. arrrr. but I am still blogging here, not studying. =)))) okay. blah.

The seniors had their UPCAT last weekend. they said Math was a nosebleed part of the test. :O ohnoes. I am panning to take Engineering as my college course. I must make my grades higher now. :\

Breaking Dawn is out in the Philippines now. what can I say? I must still wait till Sunday. I shall buy at Fully Book, Bonifacio High Street. @-) yehey! their bookstore there is about a 3- story building. [tama ba?] uh. never mind. the subject is Breaking Dawn. Sam bought already. rawr. :| patience is a virtue. must concentrate on studies first. oh Andrea.

okay. goodbye for now.

"Over my pile of ashes"
-Rosalie Hale

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