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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

City lights and flashbacks.

Advance Happy New

Year !

I hear merriment and boom! pop! baaah! trooot! from outside. Yea. It's New Year's Eve and it's raining. so only a few are enjoying putting off fireworks, etc. Well, we'll need to spend it inside the house then. ^^" And I hope it'll stop drizzling later. XD We're gonna welcome 2009 and Flush 2008! Yay for this. And we're all gonna get oooooold again. T_T HAHAHAHAHA. =)) oh and btw, that little cute boy eating a Krispy Kreme with a hat and his pinky finger up is my cousin. He is awesomely adorable. XD HAHAHAHA. I am random. =))

In 2008:
- I was a big bum.
- I fell out of love.
- I was stoic.
- I tried to be reserved as possible.
- I was a first time class officer.
- I was challenged by the class.
- I tried my best to be honest at all times.
- I built this blog, yo !
- I became more of a computer geek.
- I became close with Samantha. :">
- I opened my world moar.
- I flew with my paper planes.
- I became a Dinosaur. =))
- I became more addicted to rainbows ! ^^"
- I got fat. Which I think was a bit better. @-) [Thin body does not suit me]
- I missed swimming.
- I exposed my self more to photographs and art.
- I drew more.
- I signed up for many internet accounts. HAHA.
- I met many friends in bloggger. >:D<
- I had my name ANDI.

In 2009:
- I look forward to a better world of mine, yours and everyone.
- I'll try to remember the past but I will not live out the past.
- I'll always try to change.

That's all for me nao guys. Enjoy your New Year ! Happy 2009 ! 8D Things will surely be new in `o9. Oh, and I'll change my link soon ! I'll inform you when it's up. XD

*Boom! There she goes again.

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Saturday, December 27, 2008

i'm in a bay, yo!

i'm using my dad's phone to write this entry! Free wi-fi yo! Cool, eh? I want this kind of phone. @-) but it's really impossible. =)) maybe, in the near future. Anyway, i'm right here waiting for a dolphin show to start! In front of a wide wide world. Many people. Aaaah! I don't really like crowded places. But i can't do anything about it. I'm in subic right nao. And i'm escaping my prison cell. Goodbai. Oh, btw. I'm sorrounded by SLRs! @-)

*Right here, Right Now.

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

"Cool Christmas and an Extraordinary New Year!"
-translation. ^^"

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

I decided to post this anyway. This was my gift tag that I place on the gifts of people. So I thought of posting this anyway to be a Christmas Card to all of you. I know it's late because Christmas is like 11 hours to go or so. Anyhao, Andi greets you a Merry and Colorful Christmas! Oh and don't forget to greet Jesus. Remember Him not only Santa! ^^"

*I feel the cold breeze.
Sends chills to my heart.

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Open that pandora box!

I just came from the village's Christmas Party. I just ate there. @-) HAHAHA. Then I left. There were so MANY kids. MANY people too. I don't like crowds. I don't like crowded places. I'm a Agoraphobic person. HAHA. I searched that! HA! Ohwell.

I'm watching my diet right nao. I need exercise. And thus, I miss swimming. I don't practice my swimming skill anymore. :( I miss the water. There's a pool in our village but I don't feel like swimming there because I think it's dirty. But the water was drained and nao, the water is new. @-) Cool! Still, I don't want to swim there. I want to swim in a clean pool. Most probably, in our school. I miss my swimming classess! AHHH! 8D

You watch your diet too. Especially now that Christmas is coming. I'm sure that we'll all be tempted to eat some delicious food. Watch out for the fats and cholesterol. They're heart killers! ^^"

There's a Christmas Party again tomorrow. Dad's company and friends and blaaah. 8-| Social life. Blah. Blah. Blah. I want to take a trip. Maybe, I'll hide from all the people tomorrow! *light bulb!* HAHAHA. YEHEY.

I don't feel Christmas that much. Except for the lights, presents, parties, joyful people and happy animals fooling around. Oh. and the temperature and weather too! Do you feel Christmas? *remembers her sister singning Christmas in our hearts*

*It's colder inside.
You`re shameless!

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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Along the lonely pedestal.

My title is ironic. Because I am happy. Along the unhappy pedestal. =)) HAHAHAA. I realized one thing a while ago while I was biking. It's really not good when you bike and you're going against the wind and it's freakin' cold. Well, I knew that before. But it happened today. It was very cold and it was hard to pedal. @-) And there was a stupid car who crossed my way while I was biking. So I had to back off and blaaaah. =))

This entry will be a photoblog. I shall flood pictures here! HAHAHAHA! *InsertEvilLaughHere* I went to Sam`s house yesterday! And we had some serious fun! \:D/ ILY, Sam, Dar, Juding ! >:D<
I was "IT" when we played Marco Polo. @-)
Hard game! =))

I is a dish washer !

Sam Photo bombing Juding.

The cooks !

The ONG sisters !

Photo bombing by Juding =))

AW! :">

I kinda photo bombed Sam.
See me in the background?

Juding & Anding !

With Adi nao!

SAAAM. =))

We were Grade three then !
Found this in Sam's room. 8D

Dirty happy feet !

We're too cool for ya, dawg! =))


*So, the soldier retreats on the lonely pedestal.

I flew away by 6:06:00 PM


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I'm in school!


I'm in school. Yes. I'm here. We were allowed to surf the net. Since I'm finished with my computer project! YEHEEEY! I raak. \:D/ HAHAHA. :D Hello, Fellowmen, I'm bored. And internet's a bit slow. XD HAHA. What else? Oh, The week's been a hell one. So yeaaaa. Goodbai. I nedd to study MATH and ENGLISH lator. T_T English is easy. =)) Math is... uh. Bai, I shall fly to planet Jupiter agaaain. ^^"

*She's a little freakshow.

I flew away by 2:02:00 PM


Saturday, December 13, 2008



I am not yet sleeping. WOW. I'm very Sleepy. Srsly.

*We're still here, waiting for sunshine in hell.

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Friday, December 12, 2008

A twist in my story.

So everyone's excited about Christmas. And maybe, so do I. But I haven't bought gifts yet. They say gifts doesn't matter and it's the thought that counts. Ohwell. Still, I would want to share some gifts to show appreciation. :DDD

I actually had this precious spare time to blog. HAHAHAHA. Yea, I call my time nao, precious. Even though sometimes it isn't. =)) My schedule's so tight. I can't mess up my grades. So yea. I'm more focused on school work nao. Is everyone on hiatus? HAHAHA. I think I will not be. I do not know. I'm not that active in blogger anymore. Why so? I'm too busseh. So yea. Everyone's cramming and tests are coming up. So I might as well get my freakin ass up and studeh. I must pass Second Year Highschool. HAHAHAHA. Srsly.

I've been thinking about college. HAHA. Just nao. Hmm. I'm not yet ready to work and earn money. but I can live alone. That will be great. I guess. :D at least I can do house chores. but... I still need to finish two years of High School. One day I'll wake up and realize that I'm already a college dude. WOW.

My posts are very random right nao. Hm. I don't know. I just type whatever comes into my mind. HAHAHAHAHAHA. :D That's how my brain works. Good thing it still works. at least. My brain cells were eaten by Pacman [not Pacman Pacquiao!]-- the game you play on the computer. DO YOU PLAY THAAAT!? I do! @-D HAHA. It almost had been killed. During English then MATH then Biology. Uh. 80 Mins. each period. Breaks? NAAAH. So yea. Pacman ate them up. Good thing there are a few of them left. I must feed my braaaain again! AH! It shall die again this coming week. THIRD QUARTERLY EXAMS are coming right up on my platter! AHHHH! NOOOO! I'll just cope up with life on cyborg spaace next time. Take care, Advanced Merry Christmas! :DDD

**Sorry for all those who can't read my Filipino post. ^^" Pardon me. You can translate my web page in GOOGLE TRANSLATOR. :D

*Noah ate the paper boat and my paper plane.
After he played Rock, Paper, Scissors.
Then Abraham came. And they played.
Then Eve came then Adam.
And they all died because it rained.

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Sunday, December 7, 2008

I've gone beyond existing.

*We're gonna step and go
to a brand new story.

Somewhat, this day is something. Though I did not do anything today but to walk, run, drink&drive in the cyber world. This day was something to remember. at least for me. yea. It had gone way way way back.

Yea. yesterday, Juding called me. We had a phone call marathon. YEAAAAAAA! HAHA. we were so hyper and crazy. HAHA. because she was--something. HAHA. =)) Stop loving. Yea. Stop loving. I have nothing against love. I loved before. But I just can't help it seeing the bastards hurt my parteh people. :( aw. so Yea. I just don't know. We had a game. continue the song. that's why we had the marathon until 12am. well, her longest was from 4.30pm until dawn which was 5am. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. SEXBOOOOMB, man! Judings. :"> HAHAHAHAHA. Yea. we got sleepy afterwards and said our long to end goodbai's and there. I slept. :D


Todae, I watched a Jmovie. :"> Hana Yori Dango Final. GAAAAAAAAAH. HAHAHAHAHA. the movie was awesome. way cool. :D I support Matsujun. Yea. fangirl. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. He's awesome. As well as Inoue Mao. In the Movie, Tsukushi (Inoue Mao) got pregnant in the end. aw. HAHAHA. :D YEHEY! :D

We are supposed to go to Eastwood tomorrow. Plans changed. I think we're not going anymore. Demmit. Iwasfreakinwaitingforthisday. I am not yet effin watching Twilight. So yea. **uk it. =)) I want to go out of this cave. @-|

Save me. Are you mighty to save? /:)

*Everything was an imagination
You were a victim of a fad illusion
We hear more lies
Fake lullabies
Poisoning our minds
-Fake Lullabies, Callalily

I flew away by 9:32:00 PM


Saturday, December 6, 2008

Faking my own suicide.

Matagal tagal na rin mula noong last akong magupdate nitong bagay na 'to. tinatamad ako eh. =)) Ayun. Wala lang. Bumisita lang ako.

Nasobrahan ako ng kape. OO. nasobrahan ako. Anxiety attack. Di ko alam pero kinakabahan ako, namamawis ang kamay, iba ang pagiisip. Ewan ko. HAHA. Alam ko kakaiba na ako. Sa lahat. Kanina kasi nagkaroon ng handaan. Kaarawan kasi ng aking ama at nag unang komunyon naman ang aking kapatid. sinorpresa sila ng aking ina na kakauwi lang galing Vietnam kagabi. masaya ang pamilya. medyo nakakahiya nga lang sila. HAHA. alam ko, kakaiba talaga ako. andaming pagkain. di ako masyadong kumain. ayoko ng Chinese food masyado eh (no offense). AYUN.

Kagabi 2am na ako nakatulog. ewan ko ba kung anong meron sa utak ko't di ako makatulog. di niyo ba ramdam ang lamig sa Pilipinas? Paborito ko na ngayon si Roberto Ong. Mas kilala bilang Bob Ong. OO, nakakatuwa ang kaniyang mga nobela. Gusto ko pumunta ngayon sa High Street at pumuntang Fully Booked. Gusto ko ng libro. @-| matagal tagal na rin akong di nakakalabas ng bahay. pero may pupuntahan kaming magkakaibigan sa lunes. WALANG PASOK! Yehey! HAHA. OO nagsasaya ako. sa wakas, kahit papaano, makakawala muna ako sa planetang di ko naman talagang tirahan.

Naisipan niyo na bang lumipad? Ako oo. lagi. Ewan ko ba. HAHA. kakaiba nga talaga ako. Sabi ng kaibigan ko lipad daw kami sa Jupiter. Sabi ko naman, osige! isasakay kita sa aking papel na eroplano. At ayun. nawala na kami sa kalawakan. (nakatikim ako ng Milkyway sa kalawakan! mas masarap kesa sa Milkyway sa Planetang Ert!) Masaya siguro lumipad. Lipad at takas. Ayoko ng pakapak. YAAAAK. Gusto ko ng Papel na eroplano! YEHEY! Gawa tayo! :D

Nililibang ko lang ang aking sarili. wala lang. wala lang talaga. @-| HAHA. bakit maraming tao ang may problema sa pag-ibig? bakit nga kaya? Ayun. Malapit na ang pasko. Wala lang. Gusto ko lang sabihin an malapit na ang pasko. May pera pa ba ako?

Tinanong ako ng guro ko kung ano ang aking "Ultimate Dream". Naghalohalo lahat ng nasa isip ko. at ang nasabi ko lang "to achieve success". Ayun. wala lang. parang di yun yung Ultimate Dream ko. Kasi di nga. siguro pangarap ko yun. pero di Ultimate. Ikaw, anong ultimate dream mo?

*You showed be how tomorrow and today my life
was different from the yesterday.
You taught me to love.
I will always.

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