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Sunday, September 28, 2008


Hello People of Tomorrow, Today and Yesterday! :DDD what's up with the cheery greeting, eh? ((: so there I go. I am trying to be "less-stressed" and taking everything slowly. but. GAAH. fhnalfa;fdf;kdfjfjfkjdfkjfhgjajgjgfjgprotujivn. Magazine submission is on October THREE and that's this coming Friday and I need/want to find a Printing Press but if I will not be able to find one, I shall go to UP and let it be printed there. *panic-stricken-awe* WHUT? =)))

I am already doing some photo processing in long photo editing in longer, photo manipulation. 8D it`s hard. but it`s fun. I am still working on every page of that magazine. all of the "sewing group" in our batch is pressured. ((: funny how it seemed to be like that in a way.

W e had teeehh shoot last Friday, 092008. :D I was too lazy to blog about it last week so I just wrote it now. HAHA. I`ve realized one thing during the shoot.
"I`d rather be the PHOTOGRAPHER than to be the model. ekkk. T_T"

The pictures are in my multiply. add me as your Online Buddy. (:

*Ako ay may lobo.

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Thursday, September 25, 2008


passing by at blogger. been a while since I last blogged. :D so much pressure this week. so many requirements to submit, math show, etc. so I can`t cope up that much with what`s happening to the net! :O HAHA. living the outside the net life- horribly. stressed much.

We had a Lomo Photography and some Photography Talk last Wednesday in our club. `twas so cool! :D but I forgot how to do the Lomo. I know there`s a bunch of tutorials in the net but I want the one that our former swimming teacher taught us. btw, she's a graphic artist now! GAAAAH. she is so cool. =)))))))))) my classmates tell me I look like her because of my new haircut. x_x

I am always wasted. I have short hair. I am short. I am pressured. I am. I am. I am.

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Friday, September 19, 2008


antok na antok na ako. ayoko magenglish muna. babagsak na mata ko. :|

nakakapagod ang araw. andaming nangyari. GRABE. one word reaction ni Andi. ikekwento ko yung nangyari.

nagkaproblema sa cast ng Math Show - isang show na project sa Math na ipprepresent sa buong batch. parang role playing. basta math jokes etc. eh september 25 na yon. tapos kanina pa lang nalaman kung sino ang final cast and crew tapos nagkagulo pa ang members at nagaway tapos ang haba pa nung script at DI PA TAPOS. gaaaah. panics.

may fashion magazine kaming project. last week of september ang submission. mageedit pa ako ng mga litrato. articles pa. GAAAAAH.

next week na raw ang bigayan ng Notification. para lang maremind yung parents na iremind yung anak na magaral bago pa matapos yung quarter. kasi ibig sabihin nun, bagsak average mo. oooookay. :| isang malaking OKAY. T_T

NAPAGOD AKO DAHIL sa intrams pratcice namin. 5-7mins. jog up, down, all around the school and buildings tapos ang tataas pa ng hagdanan. :| 5-10mins. rest. tapos jog ule. nakakamatay? pero fun. tawa lang ako ng tawa habang tumatakbo. tapos ako parati yung last. last 6 months pa ata bago nasubukan ng matindi tindi ang endurance ko. masakit sa katawan. sana nagbike na lang kami at nagswim. BUTI NA LANG WALANG TEACHER NA NAGBABANTAY kundi bawal ang patigil tigil. :|

Triathlon nga pala sport ko. 8DDD proud! *u*

okay. di pa ako naliligo. bukas na lang ako magbblog ulit. :D bibigay na mata ko. T_T

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008




How would you react to this quotation:


another question is:


there are the questions. answers would be highly appreciated. tell me if you want me to put your pen name or anything. (:

the project actually is the "fashion magazine". this is one f our articles - about blogs. (:

thanks a buuuunch. :D

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Friday, September 12, 2008

It`s something called Hate.

I do not like this week. I really don`t. This was a stupid week.

I am annoyed by the people around me. I feel depressed. uh. uncertainty I guess. it`s like I am beginning to learn how to live alone. how to be alone. how to be one individual.

I do not trust anyone now. even my family. maybe at times; but most of the time, NO. I do not trust the so called "friends" too. it all changes you know.

It`s hard when you fail at something. It becomes harder if you feel like you`re a big stupid stupid stupid crap because of that failure. When someone tells you "bobo mo." [you`re stupid], it`s the hardest thing to accept.

I regret the times that I fail. seriously. I regret. I do.

Okay, happy thoughts now! :D I don`t even have one. :|
sorry for this boring entry. I just wanted to take it out.

I don`t usually hate people. I don`t usually get angry at people. I DO NOT USUALLY CRY BECAUSE OF STUPID PEOPLE.
I am not pointing at someone, I am not addressing someone. I am not ruining someone`s reputation here, okay?
maybe, the thing below`s for the individuals who are annoying OTHER individuals.
dump a crap, dude. here`s for you:

"learn to respect. don`t wait for me to do this in a hard way.
you`re getting on my nerves, let`s not take this physically.
I`ve been never told with the words you told me. F**K you!
I may be failing now. But I`m still more diligent and SMARTER than you.
eat that, **IT!

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

OH. you.

Schoolmates gossiping about other schoolmates. just like GG. :DDD
HAHA. people judge. people gossip. people ruin people.
what`s up with this world now? motherchucker. :|

I need to be careful in what I write here in blogger now. REALLY careful.
follow rules. they teach us this. abide by them. show it in your actions.
I don`t know if I`m pissed or what. I guess no. D:
I won`t get TOO affected by GGs.

my wallet`s lost. it contain a huge?- not that huge I guess amount of money. MakesMeWannaCry. almost 1/3 of my shopping expenses are there. :| :| :| HeartAches.

Stress is a factor why some people have cancer.

GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! *veins show up on my forehead, perspiring, feeling a major headache*

*Take a crap.
It would ease your pain.

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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Untitled random post

It had been almost a week since I blogged. wow. I miss this. :> it had been another busy week last week full of deadlines and school demands. I am stressed. People say I look haggard. gaaaaaah.

well now, I am trying to escape again from the demands of the world. even if I got so many things to do and I got so many plans to fulfill, I`ll just try to be easy on life for now. I am a Procrastinator. I just learned the word last week. HAHA. I know I am dumb dumb dumb. at least I learned the word. 8D

I need a major shopping/ go out of the world/ be free/ be happy day. ((: I know. I know. I know it`s hard if you don`t have the bucks to spend. especially now, some- I mean most of the people are in "poverty line". I am one of them I guess. :DDD

On the 3rd week of September, maybe we`ll have the photoshoot for a Fashion Magazine project in one of our subjects. I still don`t have a photographer and the clothes and a bit of the concept. :| what will we wear? what will be the title of the magazine? what will be the articles inside that magazine? what would be the main theme/concept? gaaaaaaah. +printing cost, shopping cost = brain damage? heeeeelp! any suggestion, reader? :D
*I am thinking of vintage. WhatDoYaThink?

Last night, I was bored. yes. as always. so I took some craaaazy shots. 8D haha. here:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

sorry. I`m crazy. I know. I know. 8D what will I do next? :)

BTW, thanks for the 2000+ hits/pageviews! sorry if I do not visit your blogs that much anymore. :| I got no time. next time maybe. :D

*I want

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Monday, September 1, 2008


Earth to Andi! :D

according to Mei, GG and OHT are airing tomorrow [but still 090108, we`re 12 hrs. advance] in America. I wanna watch! :| ohwell, we're in Philippines, far awaaaaay. D:

maybe, I`ll just dload or watch it on the net. haha. or buy a pirated CD. >:) I wanna do so many things but I ain`t got time... and money?

We changed our seats in class and I got the seat near 1234567890 she kept pinching my cheeks and flabs. aaa! hurts much. already swollen by the end of the month? goodluck, Andi! ((((:

what else? okay, I need to do some homeworks. aaaah! pwede bang wag na lang? XD okay, bye. :)

*World`s so wonderful!

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