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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

We'll be inseparable.

Sorry for not updating lately. GAH. I've been busy. HAHA. I'll post some pictures of what happened last Sophomore's Night next time. ;;) Well, they say I was the hardest partier. =)) I think I really know how to party ! Man. My legs hurt until nao. Because of all my jumping and jumping and grinding and grinding. Wee hoo wee hoo wee. =)) Sophomore's Night was just wild man!

My new man!
YAY for him. 8D

Well, I got the "Ned" name from my favorite author Ned Vizzini. :"> He's cool and he has uh, I guess looks. 8D That guy is just amazing. So I decided to name my starter SLR 'Ned'. Ned. Ned. Ned. :"> Google him if you want. ^^

I think I want to be a Pilot. Well, it's playing in my thoughts. GAH. HAHA. 8D

*Ned, we'll be inseparable. :">

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Disappointment is what I see.

I dropped by to see what's on. I need to update many things. And I'm busy now-a-days. Ah. Sophomore's night is on Saturday. And 'our band' will play there. I'm the dumbmmer. A drummer. An off-beat sometimes dumbmmer. ^^" Well, wish us goodluck. Oh gah.

One thing that happened this Saturday was that I was in pure poverty. Well not that I don't have even a cent but well. Ah. It's hard. HAHA. And Patsu and I commuted after band practice. WE RODE A JEEPNEY! Woohoo! 8D

And I have been nominated. And I was surprised. So uh, what else can I do. But I shall uh, promote? the site. http://salaswildthoughts.blogspot.com/ It's uh, weird but nontheless, I'm nominated. HAHA. Thanks for whoever nominated me. ^^"

What's on my head is the Kreb's Cycle, Pyruvic Acid Breakdown, Glycolysis, Anaerobic and Aerobic Cellular respiration, Investigatory Project, Drumbeats, Radicals, and more school stuff. Biology long test is tomorrow. So I better go off and study. @-) BAI.

Again, http://salaswildthoughts.blogspot.com/

*Disappointment, you're taunting me.
What do you really want?

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Go drown in mid-air.

Sorry for not updating lately. ^^ I'm getting busy and damn it's 4th Quarter what would I expect? Everything's getting hard nao. 3rd Quarter was easy man. Grades are good. But hell it is, this 4th Qtr. I shall drown myself to mid-air. Studying and everything. I got so many things to do still. So, I'm just dropping by. So to those who are commenting and asking link exchange I'll reply to you guys soon after! Sarreh again. Goodluck on this final quarter/ semester guys! 8D

*Procastinators are the leaders of

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Monday, January 5, 2009

Spidey! Spidey! Spidey man!

First blog post on 2009. Oh YAY!

January five two thousand and nine.

We got back to school today. I felt like it was the first day of classes. Damn long vacation. And damn test results. Well they were fine. I didn't expect much. So I didn't had much. Though I was a bit surprised in Math that I passed. HAHA. =)) I wasn't sleeping properly during the vacation because of that test! Good thing I did not fail. GAH. If only I wasn't mind blocked! You know that thing? Mind Blocked? Yea. That's what happened to my brain when I was reading the problem solving part. Damn. And damn AP. When will the world ever turn around? I studied freakin 4++ hours there. D: HAHA. OKAY.

Sorry for the ranting. Busy times again. Projects are coming nao! *Siren wails here* And there is Confirmation, Soph's Night-I don't still have a dress! AH. D: , etc. And the drums thing is bothering me. Yes, I'm a retired drummer. A RETIRED ONE. Why a comeback nao? GAAR!
This is cooler than you think!:

I'm getting addicted to Spiderman 3 in Gameboy. 8D and this guy is... *now i'm speechless over the hedge and just breathless...lalala* He's from the movie Anus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging (Snogging means make out in English[England english =))] ). The movie was about this girl who wants to be perfect blah blah blah.

Aaron Johnson !

(Movie Poster's cool!)

*Little Drummer boy.
Up the hill, down the hill.
dum, dum, dum.

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