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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Little Musketeer.

We just finished our investigatory project. A bit unsuccessful and it was so stressful. GAH. We still need to do our product. We made Malunggay lotion. It was GREEN. It wouldn't buy in the market. Di benta. @-) HAHA. It's like a scrub. a bit effective. I need to do the written report this weekend. busy schedule and I'm failing. I'm haggard. O_O" I can't do anything about this. I'm almost the one who's working everything in the group. so yea. everything's to me. but not the grade. HAHA. ^^," but my groupmates still did a part. so yea. I need to do it and be stressed.

*I was almost laughing in the photo. =)) ew.

*The gooey lotion/scrub. see. it won't sell by looking at it.
but it's EFFECTIVE!

Okay. I saw this on the new. googled him. Lucas Grabeel. HAHAHA. =))

* He`s COOL! 8D

* Electrifying. feel the shock? =))

HAHA. Okay. so tomorrow's our retreat. I hope I would feel a less stressed while having our retreat. HAHA. Our teacher said to leave our worries. Oh well. I think it can't be done by me. FRAAA. HAHA. :D Goodbai! Happy Reco to me, myself and I! XD

*I'm not weak.
I'm a litol strong musketeer!

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Sunday, November 23, 2008

These protective lies.

"No. I can't possibly fall for you.
Because you can't possibly fall for me too.
Let me lie for love."

It was a one hell week last Nov. 17-21. For me, it really is. so many things had happened. many lies. hurt. fakeness. emptiness. and what else? oh. yea. heartbreaks? not much.

Yesterday, Nov. 22 was the day of our fieldtrip and the Pep concert. Technika's fieldtrip was fun. but one thing ripped off my "oh yehey!" day. I forgot my effin camera. ~:O yes. I have the battery of the camera plus its charger with me but I forgot the camera. call me dumb. HAHA. and I forgot my mp3 too. so yea. I kill boredom! let us revolt against boredom! OKAY. we went to the Ayala Museum and it was really amazing. I touched dinosaur poop! YEHEY! XD HAHAAHA. it wasn't yucky. it was in fact odorless and hard. it didn't seem like poop. it was more like a rock. 'CAUSE DINOSAURS ROCK LIKE CAMP ROCK! [i don't like Camp Rock that much, fyi. HAHAHA.] And there were paintings of Fernando Amorsolo too. cool. Philippine History, fashion-old ones, gowns, blaaahs. and my favorite part was the Ninoy Aquino diorama. it was waaaaay cool! I learned alot. @-D trust me. entrance fee was 75php. at first our club president or someone from the club told us that it was 175php but then I think we had a dicount? or maybe they just read the wrong price. HAHA.
After the fieldtrip, we walked to Judith's handsome house. =)) we chilled there. and Angeline was there too. HAHA. we played Crimson Chamber, watched how to escape Hotel 626 and watched other creepy stuff. :-j we ate chicken and pasta for snacks and their chicken smelled and tasted like Jollibee. yumeh! Okay and I was thinking about trans fats while I was eating. Okay, I'm sorry. HAHAHA. =)) After a few minutes, my dad came to give me the camera and drove me to school. I met Patsu there and we roamed around. saw AJ and Dar. roamed around and went inside the concert hall after. in a short time, Sam, Juding and Angeline arrived and the show started. :D we were like woah. screamed our lungs out, GAH. aaaah! scream! scream! scream!

Photo source: Ate Cam

So yea! GO SHS PEP! and today's the competition of Aglaia-our school's dance team who will compete in the Skecher's Streetdance battle in Araneta Colesium. so, GO SHS! GO AGLAIA! woot! XD

"let's run away to the place where the
air tastes like rain & the sun shines like Sunday morning.
You bring your laugh & I'll bring my humor
and wecan waste the days,
one week after another"

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ikaw Puno!

Been a while, eh? I'm not blogging much nao a days. been very busy and schedule is very tight. GAH. Time is running short. HARD TIMES AHEAD. ALWAYS USE A HARD HAT. PROTECT YOURSELF. SHIELD! *woosh! ting! pak!*

I hate money problems. Our class lost a big amount of money from an unknown money freak. Shameful. Very Shameful. No more class funds, class shirt and collection of money. Oh PLEASE, money freak, have the conscience to show yourself and tell the truth. 'Cause you just succeeded with ruining the class and our plans and many more. You made our Treasurer very very sad. :(
[And classmates, let us not blame anybody 'cause we don't have enough proof. Just rumors. okay? the people involved might get hurt. the're also PEOPLE. HUMANS.]

Hello and Goodbai! XD

*Restrain from the old times, dude!

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Blueberry cheescake!

Random Title. My dad bought us a blueberry cheesecake! my favorite! YAY! 8D Okay, so welcome to Obesity. |: HAHAHAHAHAHA.

I only posted now because the keyboard crashed. it died. no. it's sick I mean. when I pressed 1234 on the keyboard, the Caps Lock light on the keyboard went on. And when I banged the keyboard, the computer setup showed up on the screen. Crazy keyboard! So what I did was to exchange the keyboard of the other computer and remove the rotten and sick keyboard. HAHAHAHHA. Okay. sorry for the effin' story.

Yesterday we stayed at school until 6.30pm. The effin' bus left us. OS we waited. we waited. we waited. Wonder why we were left there? Because, we still helped in designing and cleaning the classroom because it's card day. we're just to helpful students. HAHAHAHAHA. during cleaning, our two teachers came to the classroom just to say... um. HI! HAHAHAHA. and my sewing teacher informed me about the plus grade in our sewing magazine blah blah blah. And my other teacher suddenly asked meh:
Teacher: Andrea, awardee ka ba?
Andi: Ms. di po. ang hirap eh. di ko kaya. HAHA.
Teacher: Subukan mo maging awardee. magaling ka naman eh.
Andi: HAHA. Thank you Ms. Pero ang hirap eh. HAHA.
HAHA. I was flattered. HAHA. but I'm too dumb to be an awardee. our school has high standard ya know. when you move to other schools because you failed in our school, it's sure that you're really smart in that school [sometimes, it still depends on your capacity]. I mean, you'll be TOP 10 or something. HAHA. based on students who moved experiences. that's why I love my school. HAHA. I am not bragging. I'm just saying. HAHA.

It's card day today. I told my dad I'm sorry if he does not want my grades. If they're low. or something. I am really striving now. Last Quarter, I just gave my 40% full effort. but now, I'll try to give my 80 or 90%! I need to pull my grades up. I need to pas second year. I need to go to third year. I need to excel. GAH. Hard hard hard. *drowns drowns*

I'll go to school AGAIN later. I need to help in the Alumnae homecoming. It's my first time to see a homecoming. I'm excited about this homecoming! GAAAAH. close people of mine, you know why. Batch '07. I hope they'll come. *crosses fingers*. XD

Why does life require us to do many many many dumb freakin' effin' f**kin' things just to live? NOT EMO. just questioning, dood! XD HAHAHA.


*Ako ay may lobo I have a balloon
lumipad sa langit it flew in the sky
di ko na nakita I never saw it again
pumutok na pala it popped and it died
sayang ang pera ko my money was wasted
pambili ng lobo for that effin' balloon
sa pagkain sana If I bought some food
nabusog pa ako. I am so full by now.

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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Ulan Ulan umalis ka na!

I`ll make this post in Filipino. `kay? :D sorry for those who can`t understand this language. there`s always a google translator. @-)

Umuulan nanaman. Nung dumating kami sa Robinsons, medyo umuulan. Nung umalis kami sa Robinsons anlakas na ng ulan. Nung pumunta kami sa SM, WOAAAAAH. Grabe lang. kulay "grey" ang paligid at mahamog pa. anlakas lakas ng ulan. nakatatakot ang mga kidlat. |: pero tumuloy pa rin kaming mag-sm dahil sa aking kagustuhan na bumili ng G-tek at Staedtler. at sa wakas, nakabili na akooooo! XD Yahoo! :D

Okaaaay. Ang babaw. :D okay lang yan, masaya naman! XD tapos eh di yun. nung papauwi na kami, GRABE as in GRABE yung baha dun sa may palabas ng SM. ang bagal namin magpatakbo. buti na lang di kotse yung dala namin. [trak! loko lang. =))] kundi pinasok na kami ng tubig. :P bawat kalye ata baha. ang taas ng baha. :| Grabe lang talaga. kumikidlat pa. napapikit pa `ko. :| tapos nung papauwi na kami at nasa loob na kami ng aming "village" at malapit na kami sa bahay as in 20M na lang! bahang baha sa village namin. GRAAAAABE. abot tyan ko siguro. naghintay kami tumigil ang ulan. 30 minuto. tapos tinawagan na ng aking ama ang aming kasambahay, pinapunta at pinalusong sa baha. kinuha niya kapatid ko. tapos lumusong na rin tatay ko. eh di ako na lang naiwan sa sasakyan. eh di naglaro ako ng SUPER MARIO!

Ang kyoot kyoot kaya ni Mario! XD nasa World1-3 na ako nung dumating tatay ko. syempre andun na yung moment ko na malapit na ako sa World 2[sori sa mga di makasunod! :P]. andun na yung moment eh. PSHHHH. bulok. eh di stinand bay ko. PSSSH. tapos LUMUSONG NA AKO SA BAHA. kadiri. oo na, maarte na kung maarte pero kadiri. kadiri. kadiri. nakakita ako ng dalawang palaka. kadiri. Grabe yung kapit ko sa tatay ko. HAHA. tinatawanan niya ako. =)) sori na. tapos habang lumalakad ka, di mo alam kung anong asa ilalim. yung tubig ang baho. tapos sa ilalim yung temperatura ng tubig una malamig tapos iinit. alam mo yung parang nararamdaman ko na ihi yun? KADIRI. pak. nung nakauwi na ako sa bahay, takbo agad ako sa banyo. ligo agad ako. HAHA. kadiri talaga. kadiri. D:anlamig, ang ingay ng mga palaka sa likod namin. PSH. bukas may pasok ulit. kaybay. D:

Kahapon pumunta akong gateway para iselebreyt ang kaarawan ng kaibigan ko, si paula.

HAHAHAHA. kapatid niya yung asa kanan. XD sori di ko na inedit kaya madilim. TAMAD eh. :D okay. Nanood kami ng:

WOOT! ang kyoot! yung mga penguins ang pinaka matalino diyan sa pelikulang yan. biruin niyo, kaya pala nila magpalipad ng eroplano. HAHAHAHAHA. :D pagkatapos ng sine, umuwi na kami. sumabay ako kina Ella [salamat sa transpo!] at sinundo sa bahay ni Mabic [salamat sa pagkain!]. :D naglaro kami sa Timezone. :D nakakuha ako ng libreng HSM3 na memo pad, bookmark at sticker. :D gusto ko sana yung paper bag eh. :| HAHA. tapos nagice cream kami sa DQ. :D
*Slamat, Paula sa lahat ng libre mo! mula pagkain hanggang sine hanggang DQ! :D

nakakita ako ng Lomo Cam kahapon. gusto ko na ng Lomo Cam! D: Gusto ko rin manood ng Skechers Finals. Baka baguhin ko rin ang link ko. maghanda kayo. :D HAHA.

*Sabay kokak ng palaka
sabay sigaw ni darna

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Friday, November 7, 2008


Intrams is finally over. Triton won for cheering; overall as well. Best cheerleader. Okay. Dammit. We won Basketball, Softball and Rhythmic Competition. So many games to narrate who won. I am too tired. too sleepy. it`s raining. D: I wanna effin' watch movies. 8-| gimme DVDs. sheez.

Next week it'll be all back to normal. @-| time runs too fast. slower down please? |: Imma addicted to Taylor Swift's Love Story song. 8D GAH.

Romeo, save me
They try to tell me how I feel
This love is difficult, but it's real
Don't be afraid, we'll make it out of this mess
It's a love story

What else? nothing to say nao. I miss my mother. Goodbai.

*That's why I like her. :">

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Wednesday, November 5, 2008


WOOOOOOOOOOOO! What Team? Aeolus! Aeo-aeo-e-AELOUS! Okay. HAHAHAHAAAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I'm not hyper. HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA. I feel the team spirit! XD I feel intrams! but not much as last year. It's just beggining. XD

So how's triathlon? Woo! While I was running I was telling the marshalls "I f**kin' tired!" WOOOOOOO. shoot me nao. but seriously, when I was on the game already, I was really tired. You need to go up a whooping 7 flights of stairs and on the sister's highway which is like you're going against gravity because it's on a upward direction. OKAY. Oxygen supply for the brain! Oxygen! Oxygen! Tiring. really. deadly. ohyes. fun. DEFINITELY! XD I thought. I just thought. Iwasn't that hyper when we had the game and I was lazy too run. HAHAHAAHAHA. the winner was from the fourth year level. NO QUESTIONS that she will definitely win. she's really good! As in WOAAAAH. HAHAHAHAHA. My ears hurt after the race, but why?! =)) anyhao, I finished the AMAZING and DEFINITELY F***IN' TIRING race! WOHOOOO! Horray for me! <:-p

I think next year I want to feel some serious team spirit. I mean, I want to compete as a team not only as an individual. I think it is more fun! XD Okaaaaay, I am choosing between Softball, Basketball, Volleybal or Swimming(again?). D: I think Imma choose Softball! I miss that sport! XD I wanna train at Milo eBest for Basketball. But I think all of the trainees there are guys. effin, where's justice people! HAHAAHAHAHHA. =)) anyhao, i`ll just find a training centere for basketball! Okay, my other friends and I are also planning to join the Red Cross First Aid Training. XD I HAS SO MANY PLANS. I want to train for softball. OKAAAAAAY. enough!
Bastketball was just so... offensive? I mean, that`s how the girls plaaay! Pushing! Pushing! GAAAH! She fell on the floor! stands up! GAAAH! She fell on the floor! Injured! Foul! OKAY. srsly, enough! GOODLUCK SWIMMING and VOLLEYBALL [Sam!] and Track^Field events! XD GO AEOLUS! GO SOFTBALL! OKAY. enough. Sheez!

THREE WHOLE WEEKS of no lessons! WOOOHOOOO! Okay, next week, we`ll be back to normal. T_T *veinsshoup* so when`s the giving out of cards?! *Iisfaintingnao* I`ll just enjoy intrams naaaao! XD

Deo! Andy has no business on bears. =)) HAHAAHAHAHA. natawa ako dun. Yii. Naiinlab kay ANDY. =)) SHEEEEZ!

After Intrams today, we lain on the field which was definitely fun. XD the sun`s rays were amazing! but we didn`t take a photo of it. I wanted to have a shoot there at the field right then and there at the time but we had no freakin' camera. T_T anyhaaaao. Goodbaaaay!

*I wished that
we were just a
love song.

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Sunday, November 2, 2008


Love is a Crucial thing.

Undeniably weird. Indescribable

feeling. Extraordinary effect

on humans.

Oh hello! Just dropped by here to say-. *dotdotdot* I'm becoming a Jdrama fangirl again. Oh c'mon. It's un. It's different. I love Japan. XD influenced by my dear 'ol seatmate, DEO. HAHAHAHA. she's one big fangirl. big big big fangirl. XD HAHAHAHA.

Just finished watching Zettai Kareshi in english, Absolute Boyfriend. After watching 11eps of this drama I was like "ROBOTO!" *u* GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. shout up to pluto! :O it was awesomely cute! it's really different among the others. A bit of the summary: A robot especially for a girl. It's like a perfect robot boyfriend and the girl doesn't fall in love with the robot at first because it's so annoying then in the end, it's the end. XD HAHAHAHAHAHA. I won't tell the end. HAHAHAAHAHAHAHA. *laughslikeaT-rex* anyway, I wanna watch some Oguri Shun, Toma and MatsuJun Jdramas or JMovies! I'm sorry, I'm just killing my senseless boredom. XD XD XD

Gaspard Ulliel was ranked 2 in the Top 50 hottest young actors and Pattinson was what- ranked 1. T_T GAAAAAAR. Link here: http://themovie-fanatic.com/top_50_young_actors/version2/top10/

Okay. Goodbye nao. I like the Song Love Bug by the J. brothers. :D

One kid asked another kid:
"Magkakapatid ba ang Jonas Brothers?" in English: "Are the Jonas brothers Brothers in real-life? or Are the Jonas Brothers related by blood?" =))
answer the kid's question. NAAAAAAAO!

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