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Monday, March 30, 2009

The superhero!

I got Twitter!

The real story:
I made my Twitter last June 2008 and never updated it. It died because of cardiac arrest for not being paid attention by the superhero. Now, the superhero made it come alive and it rose from the dead and is alive and kicking. What a sweet story, eh?


*I fly. I jump. I punch and kick. I fight evil villains!

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sunset on skyway avenue.

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Finally! I got time on my hands and so I blogged. It's pretty to watch sunset here at our house. Once you look outside, you'll see it saying bye and a day had passed again.

Summer's here. I have plans actually. But my usual summer's boring and I become the "potato" on couch potato. I want it to be productive. Since this might be the summer where in I'm going to be free because next year, I'll need to spend it on studying for the college entrance exams. MAN. Easy years are done. It's time to go on and move the terror year where you'll be put on the death row! By which I mean is 3rd year High school. Trigonometry, Geometry, Chemistry, Entrepreneur, Social Studies (world history) and all that craps going into that toilet! OHMAN. I need to work hard. The grades would be the key to a good college. So help me, God.

I'm gonna put all of that aside and I'll fly for the meantime before my time runs out!
It won't be a stressing summer. It's gonna be awesome.

HAPPY E A R T H DAY, everyone! Turn off your lights, 8pm-9pm!

*When you're flying, it's like you're
being free.

I flew away by 5:47:00 PM


Saturday, March 7, 2009

Maybe it's one way.

Wow. An update! Again. Finally. I haven't been active at blogspot anymore. Have you noticed? I don't bloghop quite often now. :( Schedule's tight! Especially if it's march. Deadlines are DEAD lines. Well thank you God because I'm done with three projects - Home Reading Report, Investigatory Project (thesis like @-|) and the parish Involvement series. Maaan. Who ever said that life wasn't tough! And I feel the pull of gravity! The world's getting very heavy on me. But this week, I guess it would be very... nerve-wracking. =))

On Wednesday, well, we're going to have the deadly National Achievement Test for Second year students. 5 hours long. History, Biology, Filipino, English and Math. Major subjects that surely will drain our brains! Man, I hope I can still live after the tests! I might have a hard nosebleeding time. It's like we're applying for a test in college. Well, the school's pressuring us A LITTLE. (sarcastically) Nah, their just telling us to act respectable and do our best with the NAT. We actually had the Mock Test already and I did not expect it to be a hardcore test. AHHHHH. I need my paperplane to flyyy.

Anyhow, on summer I'm expecting myself to be active here. School ends on March 27. :( I don't know whether it's a positive thing or a sad thing. Oh well, there's always an ending to everything. Goodbai. ^^

PS: I'd like to experiment painting. It entered my mind. Though the materials are a bit pricey. Somebody inspired me. Whatdoyouthink?

*City lights and perfect memories.

I flew away by 8:30:00 PM



I am.

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currently 14 years of age. a good `ol sophomore. I study in an all girls private school. I am a PAPER PLANE PILOT.I have this theory that i`m addicted to FLYING! I know what I believe in. I do not stand out from the crowd - because I'm small. I think like a kid and I draw like a kid.

I discovered that she is a photography hobbyist . Someday, she`ll be making History. To be an Engineer is her dream since birth. Being a P I L O T is crossing her mind. Infinity and beyond is my passion.

Hell yes, I'm in love with the guy who came from an egg. DOMO! We'll dominate this world. Mwahahahaha.

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Dude, one thing. Stick with your thing as much as possible. I try to stick with mine.



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