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Friday, October 31, 2008

Smell my foot!




smell my feet
gimme something good
to eat!



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Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Sorry for the random title AGAIN. @-) HAHA. =)) anyway, I have a great news. WE HAVE A SEMBREAK! YEEEEEEEEEES. five days isn't that bad. I can rest. We were planning to go on vacation to Subic but my sister's in the hospital being effin' confined. :( poor Sarell, she's not gonna enjoy vacation. IMissYou, Sarell. 8-| Let's Pray for the good 'ol kid. :)

Updates on life:
I'm learning how to do the cartwheel. and my teacher-classmate told me to just trust myself and i'll be able to do it. YAY! trust! trust! trust! T_T GAAACK.
I think I am gonna die because of triathlon. =)) but it's still fun. @-) I actually joined it just for the experience. HAHA. not for competition. sorry, Team. ((: I already brought my bike to school and the field was not that flat or "patag" in Filipino. GAAAAAH. wth. Imagine. Imagine. pain in the butt. :| but still, 'twas fun. @-)
the helper and I will be alone at our house tonight. Happy Halloween! T_T =)) there's a cat who meows like a person crying or talking every night and sometimes it's so loud I can't even sleep and it is freakinly effingly creepy. :|
I am getting fat. I don't sleep on time. I play the Sims 2 that's why I sleep late. HAHAHAHA. childish. I know. but it's really fun. :D
I want to watch the movie "The day the Earth stood still"! *u* WANNA WATCH!
I am not happy with my tiresome gruesome effin' hater f***in Grades. I'm tired. tired. tired. tired. Third Quarter, I'll pull them up and if I won't, it will be a huuuuge, gigantic, big, large, XL XXL problem. Pull them up. I just certainly hope that I won't get a line of seven. OH PLEASE. T_T

I need to relax. Yes, relax. you mean, sleep late? NAAAH. Watch movies until 5am! Sleep until 1pm! NOOOOOOO. You jog around the village, 10 mins. that's what the teacher had told you. too lazy to follow. but you must. NAAAAAAAAH. Too lazy. I wana relax. You want to lose weight don't you? Yea. Then do exercises, crunches, push-ups, jog! jog! jog! I wanna swim. The pool's dirty. ew. some irresponsible and disgusting people pee there. Yikes! OKAY. great! you ruined my dream! what dream?! to become a frog-fish-mermaid-shokoy! T_T WHAAAAAAT! *VeinsShowUp* but hey, that's out of this world! Okay, you'll be the frog-fish-mermaid-shokoy organism and I'll be the superhero from the Caveman Era! and we'll make a movie called "The Week the Earth did 1Million Crunches" ! That's Cool! Yes! Let's do this! ORAYT! *Groovie song plays in the background*

Sorry for the sudden burst of a shocking story. That's two people talking by the way. =)) sorry. I just thought of it while typing. okay. let's end this. =)) OHNO. OH. O. HELLO!
I say Goodbye, fellowmen-I mean fellow cavemen-I mean fellow monkeys-I mean GOODBYE MONKEY! I'm a dinosaur remember? 8D

*If I were a boy
it would be allata fun! =))
Breaking news:
Beyonce's a tomboy.
kiddin' Sasha Fierce Fans!

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

A bunch of Thanks!

1. Put the logo on your blog.
2. Add a link to the person who awarded it to you.
3. Link 10 other bloggers whom you wanted to share this award to.
4. Give a reason why you consider that person’s blog cool

I am giving this to:
Katiwe!, Addy!, Red!, Berlai!, Darlene!, Cutreeenuh!, Iris!, Zee, Mary Angel!

Well, I think that's enough. XD all your blogs are kewl! I mean everyone. XD sorry if I don't read your post always, guys. XD all those who requested link-ex. sorry. XD i'll visit you. 8D


1. Link the person who started this award.
2. Link the person who “LOVES” you.
3. Post the rules on your blog. This is what you are now reading.
4. Tag 7 people at the end of your post and link to them.
5. Let each person know they have been “LOVED” and leave a comment on their blog.

THANKS for this, JULIA! XD
I am giving this to: SAAAAAM!, DEO!, Bane!, and my other schoolmates and friends. HAHAHA. XD

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Not wanting.

You know the feeling of not wanting the so called "home"? An emotional breakdown coming right up to serve me! Wow. Some people are already relaxing, enjoying sembreaks, enjoying the days because our exams are finally over but in my days now, my bicycles don't have breaks. Yes, no breaks. no sembreaks, escape for schoolwork, relaxation, etc. GAH. there are so many things to be accomplished. My head is full. I am full of everything. Too emo. 8-| HAHAHA. I am ranting so much already. Tasting the High School life-- more, ahead.

Because of my life breakdown and I just want to ESCAPE, I went to TriNoma. With my KEWLDUDES! HAHAHA. We watched HSM3. XD I am not a fan of HSM and many say that it really sucks but hey, the coreography and the songs and the story is nice! Funny as well. Even though it is not supposed to be a funny movie. XD THE BOYS ARE BACK! The part wherein Troy and the Corbin Bleu guy danced around the car shop or something like that was so... HAHAHAHA. 8D we laughed so much. a must watch part! XD I enjoyed. I escaped for a while. just a while of flying away from the demands of life. But escaping is not the way to solve everything.

I NEED A TURKISH COSTUME. for the "talumpati" in our school. the topic that I am going to present is different from the othe sections I guess. GAAAAAH. It's about environment sustainability in longer description - How does the environment affect poverty. 8D GONNA BLOW IT OUT. My competetors are so... 8-| I can do it. I HOPE. It will be on Monday and I haven't memorize my script yet. SHHEEEEEZ! T_T I am going to do an Impromptu if I forget what I'm going to say. Wish me the gift of Wisdom. 8D and pray for me. and wish me luck. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. XD

Sorry for the ranting. GAH. Fly away!

*TheLonely Planet.

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Monday, October 20, 2008

OH. Smash it

Haven't slept for much hours now. I feel like I am in college, but the truth is i am not. GAAAAH. Three more projects to be finished and I feel like I am really getting killed. naw. over reactor alert! okay. I just passed by here at blogspot to say HI, update my blog and say BYE!
Next time. XD

Thanks for the awards Jh3n and Yagi! imma post them someday. XD

This guy is Great. :D Jude Law. XD

I watched closer, the notebook and the girl next door. WTH. PG-18 movies. =))))) I am sorry. =))

WE have no effin' sem breaks! GAH. we're so inlove with studying. 8D HAHA. =))
[note to self:
be careful of what you blog! sheesh. :|]

I am a Superhero.
From the old era. XD

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Over the hedge.

HELLO BLOGGER! it had been NINE days since I wrote here. XD GAAAAH. I was so busy with all the school stuff. I guess? I can`t find time to blog these past few days and know I just dropped by to say HI. :D

It was SAAAAAM`s birthday last Friday. I'll blog about it neeext time. ;) Second Quarterly Exams are coming up! I need to STUDY. I need to STUDY. I need to STUDY. I need to STUDY. There will be a Lab test on Thursday! I need to STUDY. I need to STUDY. I need to STUDY. and a quiz on Mathemathical problems on Thursday. 8-| I need to STUDY. I need to STUDY. I need to STUDY. I need to STUDY. And I need to Finish our Investigatory project report, due on Oct. 17 (friday). @-| DO IT. DO IT. DO IT. DO IT. DO IT. faaaaadge! I need to do everything. Parish Involvement on Sunday! Darlene`s Birthday on Saturday! GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. and I`m just killing time, you know. XD HAHAHA. such a responsible student. =)) anyway, I need to do my agendas naaaw. I`ll take it easy. 8D Oooh. And thanks for the awards RED MIA and JULIA! i'll post them next time. HAHAHAHA. @-)

I miss Deo, my seatmate. :( HAHAHAHAHA. =))


*Impossible to find.

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Sunday, October 5, 2008


but hey, this is real. :DDD
just trying to do a "tutorial". hope somebody would learn from this. =))

You can actually follow people at blogspot. (: here, I made a nonsense tutorial which I hope would help somebody. :>

1.) Open your dashboard, scroll down until you find the Reading List part.
Click ADD on the tab "Blogs I'm Following".

2.) That thing would appear and just follow the rule.
Type the URL of the Person on blogger you want to follow.
Then click next.
*You can add many URLs at a time, just click the
"Add Another" thing below.

3.) You can choose whether you want to follow HIM/HER publicly or stay
After which, click follow.

*sometimes, this thing would appear. I`m really sorry but
I do not know the solution to this problem. ^^
it`s something with the feed.

So there. I hope it helped even a tiny bit. =)) HAHA.

*Who needs a Live tutor
when you can tutor yourself
with the internet? 8D

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100th! :D

I have reached my 1ooth post! YAY! WOOT. with 2611 page views! 8DDD HAHA. okay. sorry na. =)) blogged since April 30, `08. :> I wrote this because- I got nothing to do. :P HAHA. I got a new thing with my hair. you know how "girls" act. I wasn`t supposed to get... AAAAGH. hard to explain. LOOK.

You won`t see much of the so called "transformed hair-do" because I did it intentionally. =))))) I like the first picture though. the one on the left. 8D HAHA. one of the PINAKA MATINO photos of myself. =)))))

I am blogging with the influence of SAM since April 2008 and I think I am enjoying. :DDD


*if boredom can kill
why are there still so many people
in this world
right now?
KILL. =))

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Saturday, October 4, 2008


I got tagged by: S.

1. Link to the person who tagged you (see above).
2. Post the rules on your blog (this is what you are now reading).
3. Write 6 random things about yourself (see below).
4. Tag 6 people at the end of your post and link to them (This is only a game)
5. Let each person know they have been tagged and leave a comment on their blog
6. Let the tagger know when your entry is up.


6 random facts about her, him, it. O_O

[My mom came home from Vietnam already! Woot!]
[I love almonds, who doesn`t?]
[I am secretly a paper plane PILOT. ;)]
[I am confused about a person? try to understand. ;)]
[My mom told me that I grew TALLER and I was so happy but dad told me that I didn`t. T_T]
[I love the person who tagged me. 8D]

TAYA TAYAAN! tinataya ko sina [I am tagging]:

[Deo] [Katiwe] [Berlai] [Yagi] [Ivy] [Mary Angel]

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AAAAAAAGH. in my past blogs, I was telling about the Magazine project we had in our Sewing Subject. but F**K IT. the magazine is already optional. we passed the Magazine 1 day before the due date hoping for a plus point for early submission. but NOOOOO. the next day, our teacher told us that IT IS ALREADY OPTIONAL. you can pass until WEDNESDAY. etc. etc. some rejoiced. yes, because doing that thing was HARD. at first we thought it was easy. but no. it wasn't.

ANYHOW, we passed it, additional points blah blah. and there. :D

last intrams practice, the teacher who shall train us for the track and field events [which includes TRIATHLON.] was there. GAAAAH. she told us to run around the "not-flat-with-many-bumps" field for about 3 minutes. so I was like okay. then we rested for 10mins. after that, we ran for SEVEN MINUTES. gaaaaaah. appendix hurts! then we rested for 10mins. again. after the rest, TRIATHLON participants ran for 10 whole minutes and it was like a race and you will count how many rounds around the field can you make in 10minutes. BUT you can walk, jog or run. whatever you like. :D so I did all of those. MOSTLY WALKING. =))))) i'm too lazy. I just made 4 rounds. 1 round is equivalent to 2 mins. :DDD so there. i'll do it next time. ;) FIGHT OH!

here are some magazine articles, blabs, pictures, etc. :DDD see for your self. 8D


LAME. HAHA. Read my spotlight page! =)))))))) wala lang. 8D okay, goodbye. :D

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I discovered that she is a photography hobbyist . Someday, she`ll be making History. To be an Engineer is her dream since birth. Being a P I L O T is crossing her mind. Infinity and beyond is my passion.

Hell yes, I'm in love with the guy who came from an egg. DOMO! We'll dominate this world. Mwahahahaha.

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