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Monday, July 28, 2008

Pinoy GG.

Is it true that there`s going to be a Pinoy version of GG. :O is that true? damn. the cast:

KC Concepcion- Serena Van Der Woodsen
Anne Curtis- Blair Waldorf
Luis Manzano- Chuck bass
John Lloyd Cruz- Dan Humphrey

woah. first reaction: ew. is this just for fun? I just read this thing at one of Sam`s contact`s blog at multiply. ew. I don`t like. :O I like the original. :) I love the original. ;;)

*"Haven`t you heard? I`m the crazy bitch around here."
-Blair Waldorf.

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We call ourselves turtles. :)

I went to Sam`s house today. We got no classes. :D because of the president`s SONA and Typhoon. :-j okay. I went there around 2pm. I just biked. :D exercise. okay. I had fun there. we saw someone`s YouTube videos and we laughed while watching the videos. gaaah. so funneh. even if they`re not meant to be funneh. :-j and Sam`s sister, Adi had tantrums. gaaaahh. I am the only one patient with her. @-) but I ain`t patient with my sister. how great is that? okay. we ate hotcakes with chocolate. @-) crushed chocolate. =)) yuuum. I was the one who made the pancake really big. It was really really big. =))))))) haha. blaaah. the pictures below would tell you everything else. :)

Sam`s hyper-active sister, ADI.

te great eyes. @-)

ohno! :O *covers eyes*
you`re dead, P.
I caught you on cam. >:)

adi`s so hyper-active. and annoying. @-)

ILY, Sam. :)

I look. Weird. =)))

Adi told me took take this picture of her. :D

Wind effect. Her sister at her back. :>

WOW. Adi is so pretty here. 8D
She`ll have a good future with her looks.
just like her sister. :D

err. red thing covers my face.
ILY, S. :)

rawr. pouts.
ILY, S. :D

I like. :)

The gigantic hotcake. :D

we played dress-up. :D

I look.

Sam`s fluffy slippers. :D

GG on the computer. :)

Okay. the legs. @-)

cute rage! :O

Adi after crying.

cookeeeeeehng. :D



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Saturday, July 26, 2008


yey! I`ve already fixed the comments page! :D after almost 3 months I`ve finally posted haloscan comments and trackbacks page. :O ~:P I know I am a loser. haha. I do admit it. :> you can now comment on my every post from now on. :> yehey! :D

heaven it is. I was chosen to appear in a TV show with Bo Sanchez. It was entitled "On the fishbowl" or something. I don`t really know. =)) 5 people were chosen which includes me, Aina, Ayn, Kayla and Joma nae. =)) haha. I`m the only one from our section, 3 from the other section and 1 from my sister`s section. we have 4 sections in our level. the other section don`t have a representative for their section. too bad. so there. it would be showing on Aug. 9, Saturday on ABC5. do people even watch that station? =)) kiddin'. didn`t mean to offend. :/ our sensei explained to us why we were chosen. I was amazed by their criteria. moral values [do I even have that?], knows how to speak in public- fluent in both languages, english and filipino [woah. I hope they won`t regret choosing me. I am damn stupid at times. I judge myself. I hope I won`t loose my control.] then blah. blah. I forgot the other criteria. haha. see? I am stupid. ((: I was shocked. really shocked why they have chosen me. haha. thankful as well. I think. :) another criterion I happen to remember was "knows how to depend her answers" [I always loose at debates. you know.] so why am I really chosen? okay, Andi. stop questioning. start giving. yea. thanks, God. I first told it to my dear mother who`s out of the country right now. :( sad. too bad. :( my dad was the last who knew. >:) *evil grin* the "briefing" as they call it would be on tuesday, July 29. wow. close. :O I still got so many things to do. so many schoolworks. I`ll enumerate them for you:
~ Home Reading Report
~ Balagtasan Script [a filipino debate which is scripted(not the exact meaning of balagtasan. just made it up, okay?)]
~ Filipino Sulating Pormal [an essay which would contain 5 paragraphs that would tell about yourself.]

see how busy my long weekend is? and I haven`t start any of that yet. arrrr! we don`t have classes on Monday. it`s the president`s State of the Nation Address. okay. we were required by our school to watch. I`ll just watch the news maybe. =)) wow. great kid. haha. IKR. :>

I want to go to National Book Store now. Foo! Foo!

*virtual humanity.

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here`s my sister. she wants to scare you. be scared! ((:
her request actually. :)


scary enough? ((: she`s a cute scare. =))

I flew away by 12:06:00 PM


Friday, July 25, 2008


this week was the total hell days. well. just a bit. NOT. especially thursday.

it was a taste of bitterness and pain. I cried too much that day.
"I hate bitchiness of people. the damnation of their minds that makes me go insane. I hate bitches who are fucking the hell out of me. I hate bitches who are damn annoying. I hate bitches who doesn`t know what privacy mean. I hate bitches who gossip- they don`t know what they`re doing. I hate bitches who blaaab your secrets. I hate bitches who interfere with everything you do. I hate bitches who hate bitches. I hate bitches who ruin everything out of me. I hate bitches who tell the world nonsense. I hate bitches who are a crap in this world. so fuck off, bitches."

yes. I am this irritated. sorry to the people who would read this and get offended. I am not pointing at someone. I must get this out before I crap on the floor. ew. I hate bitches who is a nonsensical being in this world who only knows bullshit and crap. that`s what I know.

don`t judge me. I know this is too immoral. this is too rude. this is the worst out of everything. sorry. pardon. I apologize. I hope it`s not too late. self-expression. harsh self-expression.

a bitch is a female dog. remember?

c`mon. ride with me.

*I hate bitches.
but I love Blair Waldorf. :>

I flew away by 8:55:00 PM


Wednesday, July 23, 2008


okay. ang blog na ito ay isusulat ko sa filipino. dahil mas madali mag labas ng emosyon sa pilipino kesa sa english. mas maluwag.

"asarin mo na ang tulog wag lang ang bagong gising" lagi niyo yan tatandaan. ayokong ginigising ako kapag masarap ang tulog ko, o di kaya kapag kakagising ko lang tapos aasarin ako o tatawagin ako ng kung ano ano. nakakainis. nakakabadtrip. nakakabwisit.

grabe, pagkagising ko kani-kanina lang, dahil napagod ako, tinawag ako upang kami`y kumain na. eh ansarap ng tulog ko. eh di gumulong gulong ako sa kama tapos tinatakpan ko mata ko ng unan. tapos sabi ng kapatid ko, "nagbebeybibeybihan" ina mo. grabe. nakakainis diba? tapos eto pa, sabay tawa ng tatay ko at sinabi "oo nga eh" ina. talaga naman. araw araw na lang ganito, wala akong kakampi sa bahay. yun yung naramdaman ko simula ng umalis nanay ko nung huwebes. magiisang linggo na rin pala. hay. grabe, ngayon ko lang natanto na siya na lang talaga ang tanging kakampi ko sa pamilya na ito. parang siya lang ang tanging nakakaintindi sa akin. napaka makasarili ng kapatid ko at ama ko. hindi nila ako inintindi man lang. "never have, never will" nakaka sira ng araw. nakaka lungkot isipin.

ang saya na sana ng araw ko. andami kong nalaman na sikreto. ayokong maging "GG". pero sadyang lumalapit ang mga sikreto sa `kin. =)) hay. pwede nyo ako pagsabihan, dahil makakalimutan ko rin ito. di ako nagloloko. kaya kung may sinabi man kayong sikreto sa akin, malamang sa hindi ito`y nakalimutan ko na. ako ay may maiksing memorya lamang. tinaguran kong bobo. oo. bobo. aminado na ako.

lumilipas ang mga araw. ang bilis ng oras. at di man lang ako tumatangkad. sa pamilya namin, pakiramdam ko ang tangkad ko na- maliit ang nanay at tatay ko. asa dugo na namin maging maliit. nakakainis. :| grabe. antaba ko na rin. may "yearly check-up" kami sa klinika namin sa paaralan. tinitimbang kami dun at sinusukat ang taas. grabe. bagsak na `ko. ina. gusto ko bumalik sa dati kong katawan. ayoko maging maliit at mataba. para sa aking pananaw yun a. wala akong tinitira.

hay. andami pang gagawin sa paaralan. napaka puno ng aking iskedyul. masaskit sa ulo ang buhay ko. siguro ngayon lang ito.

sa susunod uli. nalulungkot ako, damayan tayo.

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Saturday, July 19, 2008


last week, Saturday, after the PFT, I went to Sam`s house for some sort of stopover. I would be fetched there so that her dad won`t waste crude oil for me. ((: so there. bonding time with my sister, email pal, friend, lover and bestfriend for a while which lasts forever I think. :)

She was the model, I was her photographer. Oh, please. I want to work on this too in the near future. she`ll be my model and I`ll be her photographer. then we`ll be on an advertising company. :D haha. such weird imaginations. oh well. I have discovered that photography and graphic designing/digital art is only my hobby. :O I wanted more than it. higher phase.

some are so hilarious shots. we kept laughing while taking those shots. she`s a wanna be pop-star, wanna be swimmer singer in short Diyesibel and a wanna be GG. :) okay. roll your hearts out. here they come. @-) get it? bare with me. ;;)

here`s the "model" and "photographer" shots I took when I went to there house.
caution: she`s a Goddess for me-I hope you think that way too. don`t be inlove. she`s taken. ;;) she`s inlove. :> right, sister? :D
someone might get mad. ((:

I love this thing.

See. I told you. a wanna be.

Okay. it`s me on a GG pose. ((: laugh.

She`s inspired by Miley Cyrus. :D

ILY, Sam. @-)

A closet *trails off* [not a way to describe a closet monster.]

it`s me and her sister. :D


"she`s dreaming" pose.

it`s her cute little sister again. :>

she feels like a cheerleader. don`t mind. =))

a GG fairy. @-)

I like. 8D

lost. :>

you know you love her. :>

i`ll send this one to kettle korn Phils.
to take her as their endorser. ((:

the "seductive" look. :>

*You`re just perfect.

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Saturday, July 12, 2008


we`re here at Convergys right now. :) in an internet shop called netopia. :) I am with Sam, Inky And Fritzie. Okay. the week`s been a hell so busy week. a taste of hell. weekends too. I am not at home so I am so lazy to tell the story of the week`s happenings. ((:

well, yesterday, we watched HSM the Ice Tour. I know it`s lame. IKR! :D but the show was awesome. children at heart and fans/ supporters of HSM- YOU should watch it. :D

rawr. I am a Trex. not Barney the purple and green dino-soaaaaar. ((:

I called up my mom just now- I told her that Sam`s ride would get me home. ((: basta sabi ko uuwi ako. :D =))

thanks for all the bloggers who read my blog these past few days. sorry I wasn`t able to reply to your comments on my shoutbox. been a hell week. :

I am failing in my studies. not all. not everything. maybe some. argh. the hell week. burning to death. making me die so earnly. no. just not yet. I still want to live. =))


I flew away by 11:35:00 AM


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

And I am so sick.

Yes. I am so sick. I don`t really feel well. I hate absences. that`s why I am preventing that to happen. ugh. my throat- sore throat I should say. rawr. and clogged nose. irritated feeling. maybe because of the change of weather here in the Philippines. in the morning, the sun shines brightly. in mid-afternoon, the rain pours hard. sometimes only drizzle. it`s so humid. stickly feeling. EW.

Edward, I need YOU.

haha. okay. wtf. I am crazy right? feeling bella. ((: *tulo-laway* this week is a not so busy week. Monday, 6-8pm I slept then I ate Istudied a bit watched and slept again. Tuesday, I just slept the whole day. I didn`t read or study or do any homeworks. I just slept. what sloth I am. [NOT s-l-u-t `kay?] that was because I was so sick. I felt this thing since Monday. I think I am stressed again and I got low body resistance to fight this sickness. ugh.

I got cough. sore throat, high temperature[I am the only one feeling that.], clogged nose and flu I guess. :|

there`s so many activities coming right up. nutrition month and Physical Fitness test. I am not yet ready for the PFT. my body haven`t exercise for so long. :| help.

I wanna watch the play of Lea Salonga. the Ms. Saigon. her play is about Cinderella. I hope it wouldn`t end so soon. :( I want to watch it. I know I am weird. you don`t have to tell me that one.

my lovely ponkans had a little photoshoot. :) haha. here`s a sneak peek. :) *some ideas contributed by SamOng- my sister, lover and bestfriend for a while. ;;) ily S. :)

I love this picture I don`t know why. @-)


aww. cutie ponkan. :>

*when I say forever,
I mean forever.

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